Constant sore throat and feeling like something is stuck in my neck.... can only a slightly inflamed thyroid cause that?

I have had on and off sore throat since Sept 2013 when I think I developed hypothyroidism but the last 3 months it's been constant and just getting worse. It's always there 24 hours a day but it's not from colds/flu or anything like that. My neck has also been getting progressively more uncomfortable and I have a feeling like there is something in my neck. My voice is also hoarse if I talk to someone more than few minutes and people over the phone constantly ask me if I'm ill.... I finally saw a very good endo couple of days ago who ordered loads of blood tests. Cannot remember all of them but it included all the things for thyroid (TSH,FT4. FT3, antibodies), B12,VitD,Ferritin,Prolactin,Cortisol,Rheumatoid antibodies ( I have no idea why?) and some other things I can't remember. He also felt my neck and said one side is slightly swollen but couldn't feel any masses..... Why would I have constant sore throat if there is no mass/cyst in my neck, does a simple swelling really cause that? It's so annoying as I feel like I'm ill all the time. I have an ultrasound in a month and it seems such a long time. It seems strange but every day I feel my neck gets more and more uncomfortable, surely nothing can grow that fast. But I almost feel like a piece of food has got stuck somewhere.....I don't have trouble breathing although swallowing is uncomfortable, like I have to make an effort to swallow.....

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  • Piret, the swelling can cause the hoarseness and discomfort you describe. it may be compressing your windpipe and possibly your vocal chords which is why the ultrasound scan has been ordered. Your endo does seem to be investigating thoroughly although it is a pity he can't hurry up the scan.

  • I guess if he was very concerned he could have ordered an urgent one but he obviously wasn't. Let's hope he is right and it's nothing serious.

  • Well yes, that is true Piret, but it would be nice to think that extreme discomfort would be seen as matter of urgency, too :(

  • We can dream :)

  • Hi, I also have a constant soar throat my doctor says it is due to acid reflux but it doesn't seem to get any better no matter what I try. I am on 100 mg of thyroxine and have had the radio iodine for hyperthyroid. I have neck pain and head pain followed by tremors at night . I want to cough all the time as well. You sound very similar to my symptoms, It is very worrying but reading these threads, a lot more common than you think. I know it's not much help but you are not alone although it feels like it sometimes. Hope you feel better very soon. Try some Gaviscon for a day or two to see if it helps. Good luck

  • Acid reflux? do you have it? I never had it in my life, is that something that accompanies thyroid problems? They are just probably trying to get rid of you saying that, if the medicines are not helping you, it's not that..... it's obviously the thyroid if many people are complaining of it. Thanks and good luck to you too.

  • i only stated having it in the last 6 months along with lots of other things but i'll try anything once.

  • I felt discomfort in my neck and a sore throat as you describe and felt very unwell. I asked GP for TPO test which showed high levels of antibodies. After reading on this site and also some books about autoimmune issues I decided to go gluten and dairy free. I feel quite well, but my neck is painful again, so I think it's time to see the doc again. This see saw pattern seems to be the norm with antibodies and you can go hypo and then hyper until the thyroid is finally totally destroyed. Harry E on this site mentioned low dose naltrexone to deal with her antibody problems and I am wondering about giving that a try. Sounds as though your endo is doing the right tests. Hope you get the right treatment. Where is the endo?

  • My endo is in London. My GP already tested antibodies and they were as low as it can be, so I don't seem to have that issue. I think I just have normal hypothyroidism, but won't know until I get a proper diagnosis....

  • I had a similar lump in neck kind of problem, and waited a long time for a scan, eventually had hemi-thyroidectomy because of a lump. Surgery was done by ENT (they were great) and once I was in the system I found out that they have a 'rapid access' clinic for lumps in throat, and if I had had the correct referral I could have been scanned and diagnosed within two weeks. Endo and chest clinic who I also see had no idea about this, though GP did but I never thought to ask. Maybe you should check this out through a different route. I live in North West England by the way - maybe different elsewhere.

  • Thanks for the info. But for this rapid access doesn't the doctor have to feel a specific lump? I feel like there's something in there, but on palpation all the doctors so far have only felt inflammation. Are all lumps palpable from outside do you think?

  • No, there was never a lump visible for me from the outside. It was enough that I said I could feel it - so long as I kept insisting. Initially I was fobbed off. It did show up on ultrasound though and the ENT consultant could feel it - though that was when he already knew it was there. In fact there were a whole bunch of nodules but only one was large enough to flag concerns.

    Not wishing to raise alarm bells for you, but the issue really is that 'lumps' are a cancer concern - and all docs are worried about failing to diagnose cancers, hence the rapid access. It is my understanding that not many thyroid lumps do turn out to be cancer, maybe well be actually something to do with your hypo, though so do not worry too much. I could whinge for a while about the differences in facilities, treatment and attitudes in the NHS between cancer and other illnesses but that is for another time.............

  • Can I ask if your lump was benign? I know and of course I have this nagging thought in the back of my mind wondering if it could be cancer... I'm only 28 but that doesn't mean anything as I have a friend who had thyroid cancer when she was my age. And I have a 14 month old son which makes me so much more concerned about my health than I would otherwise be.... Oh the NHS.....there's so much wrong with it, but they can be really good if you see the right doctor and stand up for yourself. The endo I saw locally last year was useless, she had me in her office 10 mins and I only ever saw her once. When my routine blood test got in the "normal" range all my appointments were cancelled and I was never asked to go back or asked if I felt OK? I never did get better hence I'm here again and this time asked to be referred to a specialist chosen by myself even though I have to travel 2 hour journey to central London, but I'm hoping it will be worth it. If only money wasn't an issue I would do it all privately.....

  • I'm afraid I still don't know whether the lump was benign - op was 4 weeks ago and at follow up I was told that they had been unable to work out what it was and had sent the sample to another hospital for further tests. Hope to get an answer next week. Too busy to worry about it though!

  • ok hope it's good news!

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