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what can a thyroid scan detect?

I was told by someone else that a thyroid scan can tell alot more than just to see if the nodule has grown or if it is cancerous, like they can see if you have hashimoto is this true? the reason im asking is if it is true i dont see a point in going for these private testing for antibodies as i have a scan every 6 months on my thyroid nodule and they havent mentioned anything :/

So what should i do?

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Do you mean an ultrasound scan?

I had one & they did measure my nodule, I think they could tell if it was solid or not - but I wasn't told, then they lost the scan. Docs didn't seem concerned until (over a year later) I had a FNA, but even results from that can be inconclusive.

Can't you get antibody testing on NHS, I asked & got TPO Ab tested J :D


I had the fna and they coudnt get nothing from that so they went from the scan.

my tsh has been rising currently at 1.73, my ft3 was 5.0 and my ft4 11.0

I have been told my ft4 is low and my ft3 is in higher range but in normal levels.

They dont really like doing the rest of the tests where i am so im going to have the antibodies done privately!


your TSH does seem with range (going by my range to 5.5) but you need to post your ranges as they vary from lab to lab.

Is it a single nodule? chances are it's a follicular adenoma, so I was told, BUT you should insist on getting it checked out more thoroughly if only to have peace of mind, FNAs can be repeated.

GP should do an antibody test (TPO ab) especially if you specifically ask. Meanwhile you can ask for vitamin & mineral tests irons ferritin, folate & B12, Vitamin D too. All are in the mix to feel better. J :D


Why do people ask for ranges for TSH? Even if the ranges differ for practical use, one (1) usually means the target number for most people, doesn't it? I mean 1 means the same 1 from lab to lab so what do the ranges matter?


I suppose they don't

(but I wish my lab had a lower range then 5.12 would be above it & I may be entitled to a trial). a USA range of .5 to 2 was quoted the other day.

yes some say 1 is optimal (& under 1 is even better) J


I hope that didn't seem I was scolding you now that I read it back, lol. I think they can only measure to .1 or maybe .01 but it is odd that lab ranges for T3, T4, etc. seem to differ from lab to lab yet TSH seems to be universal I assume.

Yes, treatment could be so much better; maybe they need to use the other half of the brain as well:)


not at all! it's a valid point! :)

got me thinking if the value of 1 is supposed to be actual 'normal' but alas the ranges are based on samples from the lab area, I believe, which would include folks with hypo (and a lesser number with hyper) so I reckon it's less than 1.

TSH is only a measure of the pituitary output anyway!

J :D


the reference range for t3 here is 3.8-6.0

the reference range for t4 here is PROVISIONAL 7.9-20.0

Yes it is a single nodule on my right hand side, i have a ultrasound every 6 months,


Hi An ultra sound of the thyroid is to look for enlargement or nodules. This can be hyper or Hypo. if nodules, it is normal to have a needle biopsy by a radiologist, just to rule out cancer etc., it rarely is. If PTH ( parathyroid) , vit D and calcium bloods are high or D just high for you and the others high. Must be done AM Then you have a nuclear scan of the PTH and CT scan, very specialised at large hospitals with a nuclear Dept. An ultra sound is usually done later of the thyroid as a thorough investigation.done together If cyst , tumour.etc found on PTH then this is later biopsied too. If needed a straight forward operation.



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