Rest in Peace, Dr. Kenneth R. Blanchard (USA Endocrinologist)

Rest in Peace, Dr. Kenneth R. Blanchard (USA Endocrinologist)

I received some very tragic news today.

My endocrinologist, Dr. Kenneth Blanchard, passed away on April 15th. He was a US physician but he treated patients from all over the world. People here might know of his two books ("What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypothyroidism: A Simple Plan for Extraordinary Results" and "Functional Approach to Hypothyroidism: Bridging Traditional and Alternative Treatment Approaches for Total Patient Wellness").

I first saw Dr. Blanchard in June, 2014 and he saved my life and my sanity. He treated my hypothyroidism (and more recently, took charge of my HRT), all of which gave my life back to me. No other physician would treat me because my "levels were normal". Dr. Blanchard LISTENED to me, treated my symptoms, was always available for questions and guidance. Because of HIM, I am now in a good place. I don't think I would be were it not for this one, caring man. I was to see him on May 23rd (my regular 6-month checkup). I am very sad that I now do not have the opportunity to tell him just how amazing he is and what a difference he has made in my life.

I will miss his personal approach, his lone-wolf expertise, his willingness to challenge the establishment of medicine for the sake of his patients, that ever-present twinkle in his eye, his playfulness, his thoughtfulness and his love of telling jokes.

My heart goes out to his family, friends, colleagues and patients. He will be sadly missed.

Rest in peace, sweet Doctor. I hope you are making them all laugh up in the heavens.


UPDATE: For those interested, here is a link to Dr. Blanchard's obituary on ( ) as well as a link to the online guestbook where you can read the notes left by friends, family and patients ( )

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47 Replies

  • milkwoman So sorry to hear this. Another of the hero's gone.

  • Thank you UrsaP. I pray that his research has inspired young physicians to continue to challenge the establishment.

  • Milkwoman,

    That is very sad news indeed.

  • 😢😢

  • Very sad! Why do the few really good thyroid doctors all die?

    Will you be OK without him to treat you?

  • I hope so, Ruthi. I had been prepping my PCP for about a year to take over my treatment and wanted to have a succession plan from Dr. Blanchard first (was going to be a topic of discussion on the 23rd). While I won't get to do that now, my PCP is on board (I wrote him today and already have received a positive response) since he has seen my improvement under Dr. Blanchard's care and approves.

    Once I get my medical records from Dr. Blanchard's office, I will make copies for my PCP. (I wouldn't be surprised if Dr. B's notes in my file don't already have some sort of plan in place). I will also ask Dr. B's office staff if they know about any endos who follow the same principles as him. Honestly, this is all still sinking in. Today's letter was such a shock. I think I will be okay since after 3 years, I seem to (finally) have a good handle on things. I'm trying to stay positive!

    I've been under-medicated, I've been over-medicated and I have had my sex hormones all out of whack and now, they are back in balance. I've been on levo alone and a combo of levo and slow-release T3 (didn't work for me). All those ups and downs, trials and errors, were very educational. Plus, the information I've gleaned from this site over the last 3 years has been invaluable as well.

    If this had occurred 6-12 months ago, I wouldn't be in such a calm place. I would be in a high state of panic. I'm sure, some of his patients are in that very place and I feel for them. I also feel badly for anyone who was waiting to see him who just didn't get the chance.

    The world of Endocrinology has lost a champion. There has to be more like Dr. B who will step up to the plate and take his place.

  • We would hope there are other doctors out there who are also careing, helpful healers whos sole concern is the return to health of the people in their care. He was what a doctor should be.

  • milkwoman Would you be so kind and share with us who didn't get to be treated by Dr Blanchard how he dosed you with T4 /NDT ? He was very much into T4 and small amount of T3 added to the mix .98/2 was his moto . I'm sorry I didn't get to be his patient . I have both of his books .He really got it . He was out of the box Dr . He will be very missed by thyroid patients . Please post who will take his place and follow his philosophy . Though I never met him he will be missed by the thyroid community . VERY SAD ...

  • Thank you, jgellis. Dr. B was the very best. :-(

    I sent you a response to your private message to me as my experience is complicated in that I also have lupus and Sjogren's Syndrome.

    I don't have any information on a successor. But, I have heard rumors that there might be a female physician he has trained as well as a third book in the works. What this all means now that he has passed, I do not know. If I find out anything when I go to the office to pick up my medical records, I will post on TUK.

    So sorry you didn't get meet him and be a patient. :-(

  • Hi. I am also a patient of Dr. Blanchard (for 10 years!) and didn't receive the letter. I found out today when I called to speak with him about adjusting my T3. I can't believe it. I have no idea how to get my medical records and want to get my PCP and new endocrinologist on board, like you. Did the letter say how we could get our records? I called the office and the number is disconnected. Thanks and I hope everything is going well for you!


  • Me too! 10 years! If you call the updated number on the voicemail- you will get info on how to order your files- also if any former patients know of a doctor who practices like Blanchard (T3/T4 compounds) PLEASE share!! Can't believe I lost the best doctor I had

  • I will send you a PM with info.

  • Hi milkwoman

    So sorry to hear about his passing......another great Doctor gone. Can you PM me with what he used to help you.

    Many thanks


  • Yes, Dr. Blanchard was the best! Will always miss him.

    I'm not exactly sure what you are asking... You can PM me with questions.

    I can provide info for the provider that has taken over his practice. As far as my treatment plan goes, I take levothyroxine (brand is Tirosint). But please understand that what works for me may not work for you.

    Take care.

  • Sorry to hear of your loss - I Know what it means to lose a DR. that is so good - i lost a Rheumy ,not that he passed it was in my case his nurse and him never got along SO she used me as a pon and falsified letters accusing me of many wrong doings - and I can't prove it BUT many people working at that hospital know just what i mean. So maybe his predecessor will follow his work . The best to you , MW --please let me know how you make out Thanks for sharing C & J

  • Thank you, jetjetjet. WOW - how horrible for you!

    Once I get to speak to his office staff (he worked alone - I know he tried for years to recruit young physicians to follow in his footsteps. Difficult sell as he constantly worked under the threat of malpractice - no one EVER filed this against him but the medical establishment constantly harassed him. I can see young endos just starting out having too much fear to buck the system.) I will have a better idea of what the future holds. Until then, my PCP has agreed to continue on the path that Dr. Blanchard has laid out for me. He sees how much better I am doing on the protocol.

  • I know what that is when the doctor bucks the system. My integrity GP is always getting into trouble with our very non careing Medicare bureaucrats. So stupid, as he helps people others even specialists have not helped or they have thrown up their hands because you are not responding how you 'should'.

  • Great start MW--keep after them as much as you can with out hindering the process i guess - best to you / C&J

  • A rare one, so will be missed by his patients.

  • :'(

  • So sad......... your blessed to have found a great doctor! I have had one in my life. It's kinda sad......... as you would think people going into the healing field we would find more loving and kind doctors! Seems to be the norm now a days!

  • Yes, 5858, I feel so very blessed to have found him when I did. It was purely by accident as I was desperately searching online for an endocrinologist who might actually listen to me when I stumbled upon a review of Dr. Blanchard by a patient.

    I was stunned to learn that his office was not only in my state, but only about 20 minutes away! I called his office and spoke to the admin who told me I needed to send in a medical history along with some other information. She also warned me that the earliest appointment was about 3 months out. I didn't care - I was going to do anything I had to in order to see Dr. B.

    In addition to the requested paperwork, I included a three page personal letter to Dr. Blanchard, detailing my 2.5 years of feeling so unwell and the struggles of seeing specialist after specialist with no answers. To my utter amazement, Dr. Blanchard personally called me back! I almost cried! AND, due to a patient cancellation, I was able to see him within 2 weeks time. At that appointment, I immediately knew I had found the right doctor. He not only saved me, but he gave me the strength to continue searching for answers - which ultimately led to two autoimmune diagnoses in addition to my hypoT. It was validation that I was NOT crazy!

    So sorry you have only met one great doctor. I am fortunate to have met several great doctors. My PCP, GYN, Rheumy and Orthopedic physicians are all amazing. I am still looking for a decent Heme and Gastro. I know they are out there!

  • Wow thats great! You were blessed with Dr. Blanchard! All the best to you! Susan

  • So sorry to hear, my 31 year old daughter was diagnosed with hasimotos at the age of 17. After no success with a few local endocrinologists, I found Dr. Blanchard's book , called his office and off to Boston we went. He did wonders for my daughter, has felt great for years, got her doctorate in physical therapy, married in 2011 and am happy to say she that with his expertise, she had our first grandchild on March 10th 2017. He was a brilliant doctor and I hope and pray that she can find someone like him. He will be greatly missed.

  • So wonderful that you met Dr. B and that your daughter had the opportunity to be treated by him. Nice to hear the treatment was successful and that her life is going so well. Congratulations to you and her!

    He was mentoring another physician. PM me if you would like info.

    Take care.

  • Thank you so much for getting back regarding another possible physician who may practice as he did. I am a little technically challenged, not quite sure if his is going through as a pm, if you could get that information to me that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • I sent you a PM.

  • Milkwoman, I took dr. Blanchard's passing hard and mourned like he was a family member. I lost my thyroid to cancer at age 8 and no other endocriologist could help me grow or mature properly. He did a lot of the experiments on himself. My telecomference with him was scheduled this August 2017. I sent you a PM.



  • You are not alone, Krista. I was blessed to be in his care for the last 3 years and I too feel I have lost a dear, dear family member as well. He was just that special of a man and physician. I've sent you an PM with information.

    Take care.

  • Hi, Milkwoman. I have never had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dr. Blanchard. I am from Florida and our doctors are less than desirable especially in the field of endochronolgy and I have been suffering for close to two years now with Hashimotos hypothyroid. On and off all different brands and doses. I am currently visiting family in Boston area and did not know if you knew of a mentor of Dr Blanchard or another endocrine that you have had success with. Please pass along any information that maybe helpful as this has been such a long struggle and I would love to get my life back 😕

  • So sorry you have been suffering! I do know the physician Dr. Blanchard was mentoring and have sent you a PM.

    Take care.

  • My daughter, age 51, has been seeing Dr. Blanchard for many years. He was her only physician. She doesn't have a primary care physician. Though she works full time, she is low income so she's on the ACA and not all doctors will accept that insurance. She paid Dr. Blanchard out of pocket. She worshipped Dr. Blanchard and said he saved her health and wellbeing. She never received a letter from his office of Dr Blanchard's passing. Today she went to the pharmacy to get her thyroid prescription refill and was shocked by the news of his death! Aside from feeling sad because a great man has passed away, she can not get her thyroid prescription filled. She was told they can not refill it because the prescribing doctor is deceased. She really needs a refill. She has an old business card from a woman MD whom Dr. Blanchard was training years ago and has tried to reach her. Have you had any luck finding a successor? I am very concerned about my daughter. My primary care doctor can't help her.--- Sally Tso, Brookline

  • I would like to know if you've had any luck as well. I am a patient of Dr. Blanchard's for 10 years. I don't know what I will do. He was such a great man.

  • My daughter now has an appointment with a woman who was mentored by Dr. Blanchard. I believe her name is Dr. Katz. However, Dr. Katz is so busy seeing Dr. Blanchard's other former patients that the earliest appointment available wasn't until sometime in September. Dr. Blanchard's widow will mail his former patients' medical records to them on request.

  • Did Dr. Katz tell you it was okay to put her name out there? I was trying to not have her office overwhelmed until she gets a handle on a things.

  • I will send you a PM....

  • I just learned of the very sad news that Dr. Blanchard has passed away. I was a patient for over ten years and was going to call the office to make an appointment because my thyroid is out of wack. Do you happen to know of another physician who shares the same treatment principles of Dr. Blanchard? I am actually a little bit panicked because my thyroid has been out of balance since I have had surgery. I am so glad that you are doing well and your primary care Dr. is willing to follow Dr. Blanchard's treatment regimine.

  • Yes, I have info on a successor (I saw her last week and she is wonderful). I will send you a PM.

  • Thank you, thank you!!!! I really appreciate it.

  • You're very welcome. PM sent. Have a great night!

  • Will you please tell me who you are seeing as well? I desperately need to see someone good as well. I am so glad you found a successor.

  • I sent you a PM.

    Take care.

  • I also have been treated by Dr Blanchard, for over 10 years; he really turned my health around. Was due to see him again this month, and it was quite a shock to hear from my pharmacist just recently that he had passed. Dr. B really was one-of-a kind and his loss is keenly felt. I'd be grateful if you can PM me with the name of the doctor you saw who's continuing with his standard of care.

  • PM sent.

  • I was a patient of Dr.Blanchard for less than a year but enough to know how great of a man He was.I was shocked and so sad to hear about his passing.He will be so missed by many of us!!!

    I am one of those who felt lost.Still looking for a new doctor...

    Today I called the Pharmacy that Dr.Blanchard worked with and they gave me the name of the Doctor that is accepting most of his patients.

    I left a message and hopefully will hear back soon.

    Milkwoman I understand that you live in the area ,do you mind sharing with me which GYN, Rheumy and Orthopedic physicians you see, I appreciate it!

  • I sent you a PM.

  • Did you see my PM?

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