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A little bit of a success story?

I've been on Levo since August, and after my last blood test GP decided no further action necessary even though I was no better at all. By a sheer fluke saw another (wonderful!) GP who not only listened to me but had loads of tests done. All the test results were normal (for Coeliac, B12, Vit D, liver and kidney function, prolactin and other hormone-y ones). I can't quite believe that I didn't take notice of the TSH and T4 -I was too busy looking for the T3 results, which annoyingly the lab did not test for and was the one thing I was specifically interested in. She tried again but her computer would not accept the request so she reckons that our area just mustn't test for T3 at all. She asked where I wanted to go from here (it was so refreshing to be asked and not told!). The tests were taken about 5 weeks ago and as luck would have it, in that time I have actually seen a bit of improvement. I am now pretty regular at the loo, my insomnia has improved, I'm not quite as "foggy" and my hair (though still not back to normal) is a lot better (more about that later!). I still have very low moods, am gaining weight and have zero libido though so I know I'm not out of the woods yet. The GP suggested staying on 100mcg and to go back in February and hopefully things might have improved further and if not, she will refer me to an Endo. So...a little bit of a success story maybe?

The hair thing....! I started using a Kerastase shampoo for thinning hair and saw results straight away. However, I am also taking Fruitflow capsules and I'm wondering if the improved circulation has increased blood flow to my scalp?? Or maybe it's the Levo that's working? Sorry I can't be more specific :-(

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Good to hear of someone feeling that they are making progress.....Well done and long may it continue.

Kerastase hair products are my personal treat and have helped keep my hair in good condition at least,even though it's grey!!

With regard to T3 testing that is something I am waiting for too.My Endo made sure the booking card has his initials in the box provided to enforce that he wants it done,as many labs don't do it if your other results are in range even if your GP asks for it which they often don't or won't.So, signatures seem to be needed.

Good Luck for the future X


Sounds good doesn't it, just feeling like you. Are improving makes you feel better - if you. Know what I mean.

Must give the Kerastase a go, I have used it in the past - I bought mine online and got it a bit cheaper than it is in the stores but it is lovely to use.

Have googled for the Fruitflow capsules, they look interesting so I think I will give them a try. Mind you it could be being on the correct amount of levo because my hair stopped falling out when I got to an optimal dose. Hard to decide isn't it - but so much to choose from :-)


Hi,. that is great news, I have a similar story in that my Gp finally decided I was borderline Hypo after got her to test T3 and T4 after my TSH came back "normal" . Because of my symptoms (worse being the fatigue, hot flushes,itching all over, and hairloss (even eyebrows) and family history she said I could try Levo 25mg. only been on them for three weeks but got a huge improvement already. like you, the "fogginess" has lifted and im not so tired and the itching is much better as is the flushing. So, I know I was correct thinking it was my Thyroid now :-)

Hope it continues for us both x


Defintely :-) x


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