Liothyronine Costs 2012

Liothyronine Costs 2012

Further to the discussion on my recent post, the costs as listed by the NHS seem relevant. So here they are!

If I have read it right, each 5 microgram Cytomel tablet costs £3.79. And the average prescription is for about 104 tablets - which suggests that for each doctor insisting they be prescribed in 112 tablet quantities, two prescribe in the 100 tablet quantities they come in.

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  • I have just ordered thybon henning 20 mcg 100tabs for £38 (and p&p). I think that make is the official brand for Germany. The price difference is incredible.


  • Did you have to have a prescription@@

  • No prescription, can pm you the details if you like?


  • yes please but how do I post pm ???

  • Click on the person's name in blue. Then choose the yellow Send a message.


  • Hi Roslin, I'd love to know where to get the German T3 to if possible :)

  • Well, well, well... looks as though someone is taking the NHS to the cleaners doesn't it? When is the NHS going to wake up??? The biggest risk to those of us who are doing well on this T3 is that the pharma company is just going to price this out of reach and we're just going to end up condemned to that f***ing Levothyroxine!!! Luckily I have a brother in Greece where a whole packet of 30x25mcg tablets costs less than one tablet over here! Puts it all into perspective, doesn't it?

  • I live in France and T3 (Cynomel) 30x25mcg costs €3.01

  • Do you need a prescription in France??

  • Yes you do.

    I did read on another post that someone had gone to the pharmacy in France and bought one packet but I think the pharmacy must have thought they had just run out.

  • Hi Jaie,you mention Cynomel T3 from France is it the same as Cytomel T3 from the States.? At 3.01 euros x30 25 mcg tabs seems a lot cheaper than Cytomel from the US. Wish I could get it

  • Cynomel from France is made by Sanofi. Cytomel from the USA is made by Pfizer/King.

    They have different formulations and patients report differing views as to which the prefer.

    I think that they are both available in 25 mcg tablets - but there is also a 5 mcg Cytomel.


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