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Why am I so Ill! :-(


I know you get so many posts like this but please help if you can.

I've been so I'll after an initial massive boost of feeling well when I first started thyroxin.

I'm now off work and in agony every day as well as being exhausted constantly.

So I got my bloods done with Genova.

Here are my results. My blood was taken in the evening and I'd taken thyroxine that morning. Im on 150.

TSH - 0.038 (RANGE 0.4-4.0)

T4 - 140 (RANGE 58 -154)

FT4 - 19.8 (RANGE 10-22)

FT3 - 5.27 ( 2.8-6.5)

FT4/FT3 RATIO 3.8 ( 2-4.5)

REVERSE T3 0.50 ( RANGE 0.14 - 0.54)

TG - 453 ( RANGE 0-40)

TPO - > 1000 (RANGE 0-35)

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If anyone has any ideas let me know. I thought prehaps it was this pooling thing I've heard about but not sure thats what the bloods show x


Your thyroid blood results look good (TSH, T4, FT4 & FT3) but your reverse T3 is a bit high so maybe you need to do some research on reverse T3. Have a look at this site for info.

You obviously have an auto immune illness so could well have gut issues, have you had your iron, ferritin, B12, VitD and folates checked and have you ever thought about gluten being a problem for you? Have a look at this site and see if it rings any bells with you. Having an auto immune illness means that it does not just attack the thyroid, it also attacks the gut amongst other things (although I believe that the gut issues come first but are not diagnosed).

If any of these are low these could be causing the extreme tiredness you are talking about. Also low iron can contribute to RT3 to I would get the above vitamins checked out first.

Sorry I cant be of more help, maybe someone else will pick up your questions.

Moggie x


have a look at gut issues, I take L-glutamine, probiotics and aloe vera, plus cut out wheat completely, reduced dairy and ditched caffeine...... x Low Fodmap Diet may be of help, I don't do it too strictly but is useful....


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