Why am I feeling so ill again?

I started taking levo about six months ago. I increased slowly to 175. I was seeing fantastic improvements. Then I started feeling I'll again. I thought I was dosing too high because I was suffering from insomnia and headaches. Now im back down to 150 but I feel like I've goneback two years to when I was reallypoorly (diagnosis fibro) why would life tease me this way... its like dangling it in front of me then saying no! Bog off! You will not feel well! You will nit be normal! Any ideas? Xxx

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Did you get diagnosed with fibro then have diagnosis changed to under active thyroid?

I've been unwell for about four years bloods for thyroid always "normal" so doctors told me it was fibro there was nothing that could be done and sent me on my way with tramadol. Both mu patents have thyroid disorders so a friend eventually convinced me to go to dr Skinner. Also had some private bloods done which showed a tsh of 6.7 and antibodies through the roof. X

I'm also supplementing with vit d, b vits, magnesium, Iron etc. X

It could be that your thyroid function isn't stable due to Hashimotos. Either that or a general auto immune attack triggering other problems.

Thanks Liliput. Whats my best course of action? I've decided to try NDT instead of levo x

I think that you should stick with the levo but talk to your doctor. Book a double slot if you need to. Do nothing without seeing your doc.

Having probs with edit. I've been borderline based on annual tests for 20 years. I now take Levo and the more frequent blood tests show a big fluctuation with TSH.. My symptoms have always been intermittent ie fatigue,joint pain, weakness flu like feeling, It was thought to be CFS at one point. For me the flu and pneumo jabs have made a huge positive difference as I caught everything going.During the CFS years I had a camera down the throat as I had frequent sore throats plus flu like symptoms. Diagnosis GERD which I didn't have. I know because I now do have it. I think it was an inflamed thyroid.My sister has autoimmune rheumatoid arthritus and my symptoms were less severe but similar.She was fine unless she caught eg a cold. She was prescribed anti bio long term as any infection triggered an outbreak. I told her how worried I was about anti bio resistance. Not due to me but she no longer takes them and has been fine for years.Main advice would be to get a flu jab/ pneumo jab if needed. I'm also cutting down on gluten and my IBS is better.

Should add that I took an unhealthy amount of anti bios before the jabs and had a really bad bout of pneumonia, plus probs with a dental abcess which spread to a jaw bone infection.

Which just shows that the root prob should be dealt with Think Levo must help but it doesn't tackle the auto immune issue

Hi, if you want to check out the thread that I started earlier "The final piece of the jigsaw" you will find it very relevant. Your story is similair to mine. Private message me if you want to ask anything else, x

If i leave It to my GP I'll be on tramadol for the rest of my life and probably unable to work. I've left a message for Dr Skinner. I've messaged you swingtime x

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