Why am I so Hyper on such a tiny dose of T3

Hello Everyone,

I have been struggling to take any form of Thyroid medication since this was finally diagnosed nearly three years ago. I done research and decided to start taking 5mcg of T3 twice a week (amounts to half a tablet a week) for the first week it seemed ok - did do a lot of good but noticed my breathing being laboured (have had that many times b4) feeling alittle hyper and my temperature rising, into week 2 I stopped it completely because I started getting hot flushes with sweating, my heart began pounding and my pulse was around 108 bpm - it would last about an hour then calm down. I have had no T3 for seven days and I felt I was beginning to miss it but the breathing and sweats remained the same. Is that down to the Adrenals or maybe Adrenaline? I have being taking lots of supplements, the only ones I was missing was Selenium & Vitamin E - so I have ordered them. I am so confused. T3 does alot of good but is it that causing the problems. Any information would be really great.

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  • I don't know if you have been diagnosed or do you take T3 because you had symptoms?

    10mcg a day is extremely small but 10mcg a week is incredibly small - it is equal to about 50mcg T4 levo per week.

    Dr Lowe says low doses can cause our metabolism to worsen. I am not able to make any suggestions but can only give you his link in case you can figure something out.


  • Thank you Shaws. I have been diagnosed nearly 3 years ago, it was Dr P who recommended T3 and that has helped me the most. Thank you for the link

  • Have you thought about going back to discuss things with Dr P's Clinic. I find the lady there so VERY helpful and always prepared to help....very knowledgeable too. Dr P has been poorly but someone may be there who can help.

  • Hello Marz,

    I did think about going back but he is so far from me (approx 250 miles) so not sure really if I am well enough. Dr P is recovering from an operation, bless him - he is very helpful and been a great help.

  • Have your adrenals been checked and are you taking an iron supplement? If your Ferritin is low, it can cause trouble taking T3, likewise adrenals. You could do a cortisol saliva test with Genova Diagnostics and you could ask your GP to do a full iron panel, which will show whether you are anaemic. These are the only reasons I know of that can cause these symptoms. Others may have further suggestions. If you get results, post them here for comments but make sure you include reference ranges. Do hope you get help soon. Btw, how were you on Levo? It can be easier to take than T3 until you have sorted out the problems and you definitely need to be taking some medication, if you have been diagnosed hypo or you will get worse in other ways too.

  • I was diagnosed Hypo nearly three years ago, had T4 and for a couple of months and all was good but then things went drastically down hill. No joy from GP so went to Dr P who done the Cortisol saliva test with Genova and the adrenals were low throughout the day, I had a reaction to Hydrocortisone so started on lots of supplements and that has helped. T4 just causes problems for me - Dr P said could be trouble converting it, so he suggested T3 and that has helped me the most. Recently had some tests done by new GP - he said Iron level was fine and B12. He did say my adrenaline was above normal range but apparently that is ok. I don't seem to need much T3, I think the worsed of the problem is with the Adrenals, thats the reason for such small amounts of T3, that small dose makes a massive difference to me.

  • ...I would be wary when your GP says it is fine - they say that even when at the bottom of the range. Iron B12 Ferritin Folate VitD all need to be at the top of their ranges for good metabolism of thyroid hormones at a cellular level. Maybe you need copies of the results and post them here so someone is able to comment.

    It may help to read the blogs/posts on Paul Robinsons website rwt3.com where he talks about his recovery with T3. As do others. He has also written books and is a member on this forum....so you will be able to find him by clicking onto Members on the purple bar and then typing his name into the search box. Apologies is you already know this.....

  • Hello Marz,

    I think you might be right about getting copies of my results - I have been putting it off because I think he will say no, he was most upset and said I had to choose either his treatment or what I had learnt. I have got the Paul Robinson book and that is fantastic - It has been a real help to me, his condition was much worse than mine and I think that although my Thyroid is still an Issue, the main Issue is the adrenals, I did wonder about my Aldosterone Levels but my doctor refused to test me. Thank you

  • They cannot say NO to you having copies of your results. It is your right...as often mentioned on this forum. As you know from reading Paul's book - T3 should have a positive effect on restoring the adrenals - from what I remember. Have you checked out signs and symptoms of B12 deficiency ? Can be very similar to being Hypo - so its very important to have the levels HIGH ! b12d.org Good luck with obtaining your results....

  • Hello Marz - Thank you for the link. I will ring up my Dr on Monday and get my results. Best wishes

  • Did you manage to get your results ?....

  • Thank you for reminding me, I rang up and requested the notes, the receptionist said she would ask the doctor and if it was ok for me to have a copy she would ring me and let me know. I will chase that up

  • Hello Marz,

    I have my results now, I am a bit worried. I was told all was fine but there are 6 of the tests flagged up as abnormal - I will list them, all the others things tested where in the range

    Serum Free T4 Level was 11.8 pmol/L

    Serum TSH level was 6.27 miul

    Iron Saturation was 67% when 40% was stated as the highest

    Serium Iron Level was 33 umoi/L - 27.oo umoI/L was the highest

    Serum B12 was 901 pg/mL - 866 being highest level

    and also Adrenaline was above the range.

    It also said something about Peri Menopausal - what does that mean - I am 33. I do not take Iron Supplements so why is my Iron high, what does this mean? Surely these readings would suggest that I am not in perfect health like they seem to think I am.

    Best Wishes


  • When taking T3 they say that TFT's are often difficult in giving the true picture - which explains the low T4. Really not sure why your Iron and B12 are high in the range. You have been given lots of good advice below and being just 33 you have nipped things in the bud. Hopefully things will settle soon. Maybe they tested some of your hormones that created the statement about peri-menopausal....

  • Oh GOODNESS to his remarks about choosing. I think I would choose someone else entirely. But I realize that might be more trouble than it's worth as the next one might be just as impossible. Just tell him you would just like to follow your progress and prove how well he is doing........ with a great big smile.

    It seems as if your adrenals might still be a problem.

    I like the adrenal support "From Fatigue to Fantastic" as it contains supporting vitamins.

  • Hello Heloise,

    I haven't heard of that Adrenal Support, I will search for that - Im happy to give anything like that a try. I loved your reasoning for the GP - the difficulty could be the smile. I am reluctant to change Docs again because he did give me 28 tablets of T3, I haven't been able to get that from any other Doctor, but if he stopped the supply then I would have nothing to lose in changing doctors.

  • If a smile would be that difficult (haha), you could send a note and add a few of :):):)

    That's great that he is willing to give you T3. Of course, you can get it yourself if worse comes to worse. Here is the link to the product if you haven't found it yet.


    I did read the reviews for one star. Most people loved the product but a few had reactions to it. I would read those first but it does prove that it has an effect.

  • Thats great thank you - It's nice to here when people get well. I think after our last appointment he won't be expecting a smile which is just as well coz he won't get one. I was furious when I came out and the stress almost put me back to square one, ~It took about 6 weeks for me to get back to where I had been before I saw him. x

  • Vitamin C 1000 mgs and B5 Pantothenic Acid, magnesium good for Adrenals. Are these the ones you take?

  • Hello Yana, I take 5000mgs of vitamin C daily, a Vitamin B Complex with extra B5, A high Mineral & Vitamin Supplement. 400 IU of Vit E, Calcium & Magnesium, Selenium and Idonine & Flaxseed Oil - I think that is everything

  • Just checking that this includes calcium which you need to take well away from your thyroid pill.

  • Hello Heloise,

    Yes the supplement is 500mg Calcum & 250mg Magnesium and I take them one hour after my T3.

  • Hi

    Is that the only thyroid med you are taking? Do you have any blood results? As you know, T3 is the very active and potent form of thyroid hormone but you are taking such a small amount that I'm a bit puzzled (for e.g I take 6.5 grains of natural, which is more than 250 T4 and 50 T3 and I don't have a trace of hyper). But yes it probably is either low iron (very important), low cortisol or some other issue eg low vits and mins or candida etc.

    See here: tpauk.com/main/?page_id=1599 and here: stopthethyroidmadness.com/h...

    Best wishes



  • Hello Rebecca,

    Many thanks for your reply and the links, much appreciated. I am also very puzzled by the tiny amounts of T3 but it does seem that I don't need much as even that does me alot of good and I can function Ok ish for about seven days after wards. I can not take it every day, I tried that once and it felt like I was going to Die, I really was scared. I do have low cortisone and that is what I think the biggest problem is. I am taking loads of Vitamins & minerals and have been better for it by far, My Vitamin D levels were very depleted but are now ok and Iron was low but apparently is fine now. I will ask the GP for results - hopefully he will give them to me x

  • Could you be suffering from candida overgrowth? Sometime infections of the gut can result in high temperatures at night as well as palpitations. Selenium is a mineral recommended for this condition and can cause die off initially when you first start to take it. This can usually last for a week or so and symptoms become worse for this period of time. Just a thought as candida is very common with thyroid sufferers.


  • Hello Yana,

    For about 11 years I thought I had candida, things got much worse after they gave me T4. The docs decided that as their usual treatment wouldn't work than a test should be done, the test said it wasn't candida and I was left to my own devices. I did try Ecoblance which helped but never got rid of it and the minute I had my period or my thyroid medication went toxic - it would flare up. I was so desperate to find something because it really was awful at times. Surely the docs test for that can't be wrong. I have had stomach Issues for about the same sort of time and they seem to go hand in hand, have started looking into gut health. Do you think that my Vitamin E intake is to much? I only started that and the selenium a couple of days ago

  • I agree with you that T4 can cause more problems with the gut. When I first started to take L Thyroxine for the first 10 days I had very bad bloating, more than I've ever suffered from. It made me look at the label in the meds box and I noticed that the Levo contained lactose and wondered if it was this causing my problem. I even rang the surgery and spoke to the nurse who advised me to reduce my medication.

    I didn't want to do that as I wanted to get better. The bloating did subside after a while. I came to the conclusion that there's lactose in milk and this has never bothered me.

    I've spent a lot of time researching Thyroid and it's related to candida. It's difficult to say which comes first the chicken or the egg. I've read quite a few books on the subject of thyroid and of candida and now I'm convinced GLUTEN can be one of the causes. I'm half way through a book called "Fat Around the middle" The author talks about gluten sensitivity and how people who suffer with this can't digest the protein in gluten. This can encourage candida to spread because it lives off the undigested food that is left in the intestines.

    I have recently gone gluten free and feel better than I've ever felt in years. I've also been on the candida diet since the end of August (although not as strict now) I do try too eat very healthy and It's paying off. I try to eat a low carb diet and 1 cup of caffeine a day and no more.

    Janie Bowthorpe author of "Stop The Thyroid Madness" believes T4 only, causes candida. She is an advocate of NDT and spent 16 years on L thyroxine and was never very well. Unfortunately not everyone is in a position to take it. It's not easily prescribed in this country.

    I take 250 IU's of vitamin E, 400 IU's is quite a bit. You could take it every other day until it runs out then buy a smaller dose. Selenium, I take 200 mcgs, and this seems to work for me.

    I would definitely be checked out for Celiac Disease. Again the test aren't always reliable as mine was negative (bought from Boots pharmacy) The only reliable way to find out is do the diet and see. I've never looked back.

    Best wishes Yana

  • Hello Yana,

    Thank you for all the information, I have been very concerned over my stomach for years but the hosp said the pain was from the tares in my stomach lining and nothing could be done. I am currently reading Gut Health by Chris Kresser. Since I have stopped listening to Doctors and came to the conclusion that they had no interest in helping, I have done alot better. Lots of fantastic info from everyone on this site and of course lots of books. I will cut back on the Vit E. Thank you for your help Yana, take care

    Best wishes

  • Your very welcome.

    One of the best books I've read about thyroid issues is "HASHIMOTO'S THYROIDITIS THE ROOT CAUSE" by Izabell Wentz. She's a Pharmacist and has spent 3 years researching the subject. She was taking 300 mcgs of Levo and now is off the medication and is in remission, having found out that gluten and dairy were causing her problems. It's a book about lifestyle changes. It's the best book I've read so far. Not cheap at £15 but it was worth every penny.

    Good Luck

  • Hello Yarna,

    I did look at getting that book, the reason I didn't was because I haven't been diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I think I will buy it, I am keen for all info to get me well.

    Thank you x

  • In her book she say's 90% of people who suffer with an under active thyroid have Hashimoto's. The other 10% is usually down to a sluggish thyroid caused by old age. I haven't been diagnosed with it either, I don't think all doctors check for this.

    Something else occurred to me about your vitamin E, It's doesn't contain soybean oil ? I made the mistake of buying some off the internet only to find it had soybean in it. I didn't notice straight away and wondered why i felt unwell with palpitations and feelings of anxiety. Soya as an absolute no no for thyroid sufferers.

    I now take Natures Best vitamin E as it's from sunflower seeds. My husband now takes the other one.

  • Hello Yana,

    I have just checked my Vitamin E and you are correct it does have soya oil in it, I would have never thought of checking. Thank you for pointing that out. I have ordered that book, I have often thought I had Hashimoto's due to having such a reaction to all Thyroid medication. I am vegetarian so lots of the quorn/meat subsitutes have soy bean in them. Thank you for all your help yana - your a fountain of knowledge x

  • Glad to help. I've learnt so much from this website and the books I've read. Hopefully your on the right road to recovery.

    Good luck

  • Also bare in mind vitamin E helps selenium to be absorbed, and selenium helps us to convert T4 into T3. It can be toxic in large amounts. If your taking high mineral supplement and additional selenium check the label to ensure you don't overdose.

  • Your dose is very low i take150mcg pre day i will i got hyper energy anyway u should get checked maybe your body needs different sort

  • It is very low but the GP said going by the test results thats all I need (my previous GP said 100mcg a day). He is obviously simplyfying things and not being much help. Things are far from correct and in my opinion something else is going on. I know my adrenals struggle and maybe thats it - I am not sure. He is going to test my Adrenaline levels - hopefully that might shed some light.

    Best wishes

  • if you are low thyroid and adrenal not treated you can have same symptoms as hyper/ and if you have low cortisol you will produce more adrenaline to compensate, Dr. Ed Lichten.

  • I do have Adrenaline above the labs range, the doc said it was still ok.

    I will have a look at Dr Ed Lichen.

    Thank you very much

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