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Weird period-type menopause question

I have posted elsewhere about how I am finally on levo after nine years of being ill and four years of fighting the medical establishment and yes, I'm doing pretty well, all things considered.

However, I have been waiting avidly for the menopause for many years, although I have never had any symptoms and am now 58. My periods finally stopped last November, when I was unmedicated, having been taken off T3, so I was counting out my 12 months. I got as far as 17 October and had another period. I hoped it was the last hurrah, but I have started again this morning.

In the meantime I have had a full gynae work up for something else, so I know there is nothing sinister going on and both these episodes of bleeding have been preceded by a couple of weeks of sore breasts, mucus changes and homicidal feelings towards my nearest and dearest, so yes, they feel like proper periods, although they are(thankfully) very light..

I suppose, being generous, it's another sign that my body is getting back to how it should be, but I can't help but feel I am a bit old to be still going through this.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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Sorry you had no replies - hopefully someone with relevant experience will pick up on this in Latest Activity....




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