Thyroid or menopause?

Waiting for results of blood test again rang today and asked if I could possibly have a copy of the results when back was told I don't think so nobody as ever asked before.

Anyway I am 50 years old and have started to have problems again last time I went it was low iron , that corrected and now several months later I have extremely heavy periods, can be irregular, my nails are terribly ridged, headaches and a terrible itchy scalp I want to rip my hair out. Doctor has put me on sebco coconut oil compound to rub in my scalp and alphosyl to wash my hair, my scalp is very dry and scaly and my hair falls out all the time, but has for the last few years. Im being tested again for thyroid level and iron but been told it could be menopause. Also craving sweet food chocolate etc and lack energy I take 75 mg levo daily. Oh and also bleeding gums at the moment my dentist has put me on 2 bottles of corsodyl mouthwash used twice daily to try to stop this. Anybody else similar age got same problems?

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  • sounds a bit more thyroid to me but wait till blood test to be sure.....x

  • Thank you for your reply

  • Hi Menopause often makes the thyroid worse, also more ladies have the disease, when menopausal. For thyroid and the correct treatment, you need TSH, T4 and Free T3, Always just ask the receptionist for a copy + vital ranges. It is not Data protection, it is because it is your blood, I have had my results for years, GP and hospitals, they are vital for you to know.Also when having a blood test, always ask the Phlebotomomist or who ever, what tests they are doing, they have to tell you by law as otherwise an assault.Bleeding gums and for lots of things, Skin problems are often thyroid connected. co enzyme Q10, recommended dose, really good. I started it when first available and my gums stopped bleeding and the dentist said that other people had told him this too.The sweet craving, make sure you have a Diabetes test, try if need it , something carbohydrate, even just a biscuit.

    Hope that helps,


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  • can you tell me the brand of q10 co enzyme and where to get it please

  • Thank you for your reply, this co enzyme Q10 is it from the doctor or health shop / chemist. I will re ask for my results from the doctor

  • Hi Sharon,

    It is health shop, but I get all my things like that from Healthpan, C. I as cheap ( no postage), good quality and often offers too, look in radio times etc.I have the strongest dose recommended there. It helps heart muscle and lots of things.


  • could be your medication that messes up ur PM cycle give you hair loss and dry skin problems and the ridges on the nails perhaps calcium deficiency.I have all these symptoms and had excessive bouts of sweating hot and cold fevers and that was down to the meds of activas levo brand thank goodness i am back on mercury pharma levo from today dont get these awful hot and cold fevers or the headaches. so i think yours could be the brand of levo your on and the usual symptons thyroid sufferers face daily.

  • Thanks for your reply sorry but glad to here somebody else has same symptoms, I do not suffer sweating or cold fevers though, I am on Wockhardt levo is this what you were on previously although I have been on this for a couple of years.

  • I'm taking 100mg actavis levo with all of the above symptoms what is the best one to take?

  • Hi, Lolaloo

    I don`t really know which is best to take, my symptoms have gone a lot worse, I ended up at A&E yesterday again for the return of eye ulcers as they have tried to reduce my medication and the second reason extremely heavy bleeding for 17 days, for once I actually got a doctor that listened and was looking at the fact that I have a thyroid condition so I am going seeing eye specialists again Monday and I also was sent to gyni who checked me over and they are stopping my periods for the next three months and got to go in theatre for womb lining checked as she said I should not have been left with such severe bleeding. How are you now, by the way I am 51 now right age for menopause, they were also testing my bloods for that as well.

  • Hi With calcium deficiency make sure your Vit d is Ok, often ,in that case ,you need calcium and vit D on a script, or perhaps already are. Also if over a "certain age"a Dexa scan, entitled to one, but have to request it, for osteopeamia or the more sever Osteoporosis.

    Best wishes,


  • It is your legal right to have a print-out of your blood test results, they can't say no.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Thanks, I will have to be more confident

  • I think that corsodyl has a lot of fluoride in it which isn't good for the thyroid but I can't think of a fluoride free one at the moment.

    Jo xx

  • Oh, I will look in to this, thanks

  • Hi sharon

    One other thing that may affect your thyroid meds and periods and that is oestrogen dominance

    Unfortunately when we get older and if we are overweight (and many thyroid patients are)we may produce too much oestrogen and not enough progesterone.

    I have now started using progesterone cream and feel better.


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