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Menopause or thyroid

Yet another issue, just as Im feeling Ive got everything about right re medication and how I feel.

I have been feeling great once I reduced the T3 and although I am in my mid fifties I have had no signs of menopause other than a couple of odd dates etc.

Once I felt everything was ok (although up until a couple of months ago when I think I may have been a bit overmedicated and reduced down), my periods actually stopped for a couple of months.

It came back 2 weeks ago though. It was a bit weird and not as heavy as normal, stopped for a week and then came back again last Friday. It seems really heavy and just doesnt seem to want to stop.

Everything I check says about inbalance of hormones and of course the thyroid is one of those I assume.

Has anyone else had a never ending cycle when they dont have their thyroid sorted? Does anyone have a clue as to why it stopped but then started again in a "big" way.

I have alot of stress at the moment - kitchen being refurbished so living in a mess, diabetic daughter taking Law exams, eldest daughter returning from New York a month ago and trying to get a job etc etc.

Im not sure these are bad enough stresses to put me out of whack though.

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Yes when I was in my teens fourteen weeks very heavy taken to hospital but refused internal exam was told that I was only one to blame if I bled to death! They gave me a huge amount of contraceptive and that was it! I took them for a week or so but it seemed to sort itself and had far worse probs with the pill side effects.


Around the menopause, I had periods that went on and on with very little space between them. Even being on armour didn't help.I think it's quite common for periods to suddenly stop and than start up again during the menopause. The thyroid problem alone causes havoc with the cycle.Good luck! it will come right in the end and it will be a big relief for you!


Hi do go to your GP and get an exam and ask for a blood test to see if you are menopausal.

Any unusual bleeding must be checked and the blood test should confirm if it is likely to be linked to your hormones or not.


I have just seen this and it's been something I have been worrying about myself. I'm in my late 40s. I stopped my periods for a year and they restarted for two months... then stopped again for 13 months and restarted again five months ago and have NOT stopped. I have been bleeding for five months and my endocrinologist doesn't seem to be concerned. I asked for my sex hormones to be tested and have the results but have no idea where to post them as few forums understand how to interpret sex hormone results.

I asked my endo if he thought there was anything out of the ordinary with my results and he just shrugged and said 'no'. I have had all sorts of tests about three years ago and apparently my ovaries had shrunk which was normal for my age and was told that I was otherwise perfectly healthy.

So, I sit and wait for this bleeding to stop and in the meantime I worry. I have no clue why it is that I can't seem to get help or advice from anyone about this on the NHS. All physicians simply shrug and dismiss my concerns. Of course, this may be perfectly normal if going through the menopause but no one has said this to me so as to put my mind to rest. It is so very frustrating. x


Such a worry isn't it. I can't seem to get away without something being wrong.

They do say you often mimic how your own Mothers menopause started etc so have you thought of checking that?


My mother had me in her mid 40s so I was far too young. It was also not discussed in my family. She then went to live in Argentina when I was 14, then got Alzheimers when I was in my 20s and passed away several years later. So, I have no idea and have no way of checking unfortunately. :(


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