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New member, recently diagnosed with Hypo and Hashimoto's, any advice on blood tests to be asking GP for ?

Was diagnosed on the 16th September, TSH was >150 and T4<5, started on 100mcg levo and bloods 3 weeks later, tests confirmed Hashimoto's and TSH was 50.92 and T4 was 14, increased to 125mcg levo, just had bloods done last monday again and included this time was Coeliacs, Diabetes and Anti Inflammatory? as have severely swollen neck, get these results back on Thur, have seen a lot mentioned about T3 but as far as am aware this has never been tested, is there any other bloods I should be asking the GP to do, have never felt so ill and tired in all my life, thanks in advance ! x

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They seem to think that they don't need to test T3 anymore - but really it seems that the T3 test is expensive.

In your case, once you have settled on a dosage regime that gets your T4 at the TOP end of the range (or even a little above) and you are feeling totally normal again, then you may well be fine altogether, and never need to explore the T3 levels.


I'm not surprised you were/are feeling ill. With a TSH level that high I'm surprised you could stand up. Mine was only 7.5 when I started treatment and I was very cold, tired, hair falling out, poor balance, struggling with thinking clearly, unable to lose weight etc etc. Mine is down to less than 1 now and apart from cold feet (not normal for me) I am fine. I hope you get back to normal soon!


I think you also need to test for pernicious anaemia (B12) if that hasn't been done already. I was just diagnosed with Hashi's in July this year and know how awful you feel. You can always do your own tests once you understand your condition a bit more as there are private labs that can do this for you. Fingers crossed you feel better soon :)


Thank you for the replies, I am seeing my GP tomorrow for results of latest bloods, hopefully another increase in dose will help, also found a list of tests to ask for including vit D and B12 so will ask her about these tomorrow, also need to see about pain relief as have had to stop cocodamol and tramadol due to constipation, have ended up in a and e 3 times in the past month due to pain, itching and bleeding in the back end as well as chronic constipation so now awaiting a surgeon referral to check this out, also just invested in my first wig due to major hair loss, not able to work at the moment either due to chronic fatigue and muscle aches amongst others, this condition seems to cause a multitude of problems, thank you again for the replies !


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