Nightime pain and numbness in right arm. Does anyone suffer with this or know what the culprit is what causes it?

Ive been taking 62.5 mcg t3 for a while now plus all the usual supplements and have been feeling much better tho a lagging background fatigue remains plus a few minor symptoms which have crept back in. My last bloods showed a very low ft4 and above range ft3 which freaked my GP out but Dr P reassured me we would be guided by symptoms not bloods now.

the arm pain wakes me, a burning ache from my outer shoulder blade, then down the underside of my arm finishing in my elbow. But alongside this my lower arm and 3rd and 4th fingers go numb. No change of position helps except getting out of bed ,then standing up til it subsides, however it repeats itself thro the night. If anyone can advise or help it would be much appreciated......K x

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  • It's carpal tunnel syndrome, you can buy wrist braces that stop it.

  • Hi babycatcher, the midwife if I remember? Did you ever explore the B12 / nitrous oxide connection? The arm/fingers thing sounds very much like a B12 deficiency symptom to me.

    H x

  • Hi hampster1....yes it is me the madwife! At work we do have a scavenging system for the gas but I'm not convinced of how well it works tho. Lots of tired, achey folk on my unit but that may be down to the nature of the job. It could well be b12...i will ask for another test when i go. How are you? X

  • Really good, thank you for asking! Just remember you ideally need the Active B12 test, as the nitrous oxide inactivates it so the serum B12 test (which is useless anyway) would be even more useless in your case. x

  • Hi babycatcher - good to hear you're feeling better!

    Sounds familiar (mine was pain underside of forearm too) down the ulnar line to 4th & 5th fingers 'tho. Also had frozen shoulders a few years before, can't remember it before then really.

    Anyway, pain better since Vit D - avoided bilateral cubital tunnel surgery (also carpal tunnel surgery as sometimes thumb to 3rd affected) - however forearm to fingers still numb most nights - so sorting B12 next - (better if I can keep shoulder back - apparently there's a 'vest') J :D

  • Hi babycatcher spotted your post having been up early again due to intense right hip pain and left shoulder to elbow. Acupuncture has helped quite a bit. Last week saw the acupuncturist /physio for half an hour then an osteopath. She found I had ribs out of place by left shoulder blade. This intense point has been much better since. It's now more local to upper back /neck /shoulder. Physio put me on B12 and endo put me on VitD. Result over 900 on B12 and endo thinking I'm mad taking it. Have reduced to every other day. My Vit Do not great even with supplements. I am less Mrs Overall now. These symptoms first started 30 years ago after an iron infusion due to post partum haemorrhage - so I wonder whether iron has quite a part to play too. Valerian x 2 at night seems to improve my length of sleep - again physio advised.

  • I have been having right shoulder pain,radiating down my arm and pins and needles in my hand at times.I saw an osteopath last week and he says it is to do with my back-one treatment is already helping.We don't realise how our posture affects our health, especially when we don't feel too great!! Perhaps an osteopath could help you.

  • I think I'm medicated okay, results seem okay, but having sore hips when lying in bed similar to when I was hypo and undiagnosed. Also lower back problems, weak and muscle spasm. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks

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