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Anyone been diagnosed with gall bladder trouble or hepatitis ? Back at the docs today and this is the future blood investigations. (updated)

Well guys, after 3 sets of full bloods, they have gone from haywire to ...........................

you guessed it ..... NORMAL with no follow up required !!

Well I have written to the Practice Manager a letter of complaint asking why if my thyroid is ok and my bloods are ok then why am i still suffering from:-

Tired all the time.

No energy

Brain fog

Fungal nail infection


Muscle aches

Bald patches

Severe Hypertension


Have asked for every thyroid blood test to be printed and given to me.... another waiting game !

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I had a gallbladder infection and jaundice roughly two years ago. The doctors probably should have taken my gallbladder out but it happened on the Wednesday/Thursday before Easter so nothing happened (apart from a large dose of antibiotics and painkillers) and I thought all would be OK. However, I do still suffer with pain and have to be extremely careful what I eat and drink (sugar and alchohol seem to be particularly bad).


I went for a scan about 2 years ago for my gall bladder and they said everything was ok. My bloods have come back all over the place and the doctor doesn't know whats wrong, these are 2 suggestions plus was asked if i have been to a foreign country recently, so more blood taken today and more in 1 month.


You're not the only one with gall-stone trouble here, perhaps there's a tendancy to 'whip 'em out' ???

some find Ursodiol helps them??? (not the sort from poor 'bile bears' 'tho). J :D


Hi, i had my stones and gall bladder removed 15yrs ago (i was 22yrs)i was diagnosed with skin cancer a year later, cut a v long story short, ive been told that they had triggered my thyroid to fail eventhough i didnt notice symptoms until 7yrs later. I had gallstme attacks once a month which came on and off over around 5 days. the pain was unbarable and would make me sick. As i was young the doctor thought i had bad wind, 4 months later after 4 week long attacks the docter prescribed pethadin tablets and booked me in for a scan. 2 months later i had my scan which showed an abnormal looking gall bladder due to the severity of the attacks and many stones. I was booked in for the op soon after. Funny thing was, i was on a strict diet before and during the attacks as i had a baby 2 months before my first attack??!! Do you have a lot of trouble with your gallbladder?


Hi I have a terrible Gall bladder, stone etc ,if very bad, as I cannot have surgery I have cholocystitis ,very painful and serious. So if "they" find stones, do have the OP.. Hepatitis may be autoimmune, drugs etc that you may have been on for a long time. or it may be grit from Gall bladder stuck in the bile duct. I had hepatitis, yellow , terrible vomiting etc etc but seeing a gstro weekly, and he could not diagnose it. That is not unusual! Eventually, I was having a heart OP and my new cardio diagnosed it by looking at me, tests confirmed it. if due to Gall bladder the OP will cure it, otherwise it can return for short times, always. Gall bladder disease usually shows on an ultra sound but not always, sometimes it needs a specialised gall bladder scan.If gall bladder stones very bad, pain dreadful too and you often have referred pain, especially side and right shoulder.

I hope that helps.



Have had unbearable pain in right shoulder for years, it actually makes me cry sometimes and that takes a lot! (Unless you say something nasty to me and I will cry for days !!)

Get stabbing pains under my ribcage especially when putting on boots, also sometimes when just sitting watching tv. I would liken the pain to when pregnant and the babes head gets under your ribs, panicked last week and bought a pregnancy test after I got that pain !

I noticed when reading about the gallbladder it can cause hair loss, underarm and pubic, a question i have previously asked on here !


Hi It sounds exactly like gall bladder to me. it need not follow the pattern of fat, food related etc., also autoimmune. Mine does not. follow any of the normal patterns.,Ultra sound is the first investigation but sometimes, depending exactly where the problem in the Gall bladder is you will need a cholocystogram, a specialised ultra sound to show it. This can become an emergency which you do not want. make sure you have the investigation and elective surgery.If it is not that then, similar symptoms from pancreas, a very specialised gastroscopy with photos and done by a specialist radiologist ( large hospital), If it is pancreas quite likely to also have diabetes, so make sure you have the bloods for it done. Symptoms very like thyroid disease. autoimmune and hormonal, You need not meet the normal criteria for it, I did not.

Best wishes,


If you wish to reply to a named person press on "reply to this" under their post ,or will only see if we trawl.


My own experience when long term hypo was that reduced liver function (i was diagnosed with a fatty liver, and couldn't handle alcohol or heavy foods without feeling ill) and gall stones are pretty characteristic.

Gall stones may anyway (?) be characteristic of low liver function - i had several episodes of what seemed like gall stone pain but have had none since getting my replacement working properly.

It's hard to know the whole story. I found during this period that I got a good if temporary improvement from the traditional olive oil and lemon juice liver flush, but there's those of a more conservative bent that poo poo that from a height too and claim that it does nothing.



I am hypothyroid and was diagnosed 17 years ago. I had my gall bladder removed about 12 years ago, after awful pain which never went no matter what I did. After the operation I no longer had any stomach pain. It really worked for me


My brother had his gb removed 3 years ago and said it was 'a piece of cake' and he is now well. Was put on list last June and still waiting, but am in no hurry as skin problems re healing are not resolved yet - another story I will blog about when I get an answer. Janet.


Does seem to be a bit common for the gallbladder anyway !

Do not read if squeamish !!

Decided to do a bit of detective work and pooed into a sieve, got the rubber gloves on and searched through my poo............disgusting and i found nothing !!

Think I will just wait for more results before I try that again !!


Ha ha! The things we do! I think you'll have to change your name to digginginit :)


never again trust me !


Had my gallstones and gallbladder removed. No pain. Op really easy. Then 2 years later pains returned. 2 weeks in hospital with lots of tests and they found stones in my bile duct. Another op and no problems now - touch wood !


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