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I had an appointment with my GP this morning to find out results of blood tests and to ask for a referal to see an Endo. My T4 was 15.4 (6.3 - 14.0) and TSH 1.88 (0.3 - 5.6). About 6 weeks ago my FT3 was 4.3 (.3.1 - 6.8). My T4 has constantly been at the top and FT3 (when taken - mostly privately by BH) seems to vary up to 5.6, so although none of these results seem too bad, I do feel as though I am going downhill from about late Spring/early Summer. After having suffered for the past 6 years from taking Trimethoprim, earlier this year I thought I was at long last improving (with Dr BDP's guidance), but along with a few others on this site I am definitely suffering by being on the Mercury Levothyroxine (75mcg). Previous to Mercury I was on Eltroxin, but have been on the generic one since November 2011. Anyway, because of all this I have asked to see Dr Ahlquist at Southend Hospital and wondered if anyone else has seen him or been treated by him. Please PM me if you have. Thanks in advance. Janet.

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