Recommended Endo?

I have finally persuaded my GP to recommend I see an endo as I am still feeling unwell even though TSH result in normal range (3.5) and in her opinion, I should be feeling "fine".

Can anybody recommend an endo in Exeter, Devon, or close by, private if necessary. I have done a little research and the only endo I can find specialising in thyroid who works at my local hospital, doesn't get good reviews from other thyroid sufferers!!!!!!!!

Help much appreciated.

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  • Hi Penny

    We can't recommend anyone, but we have a list of Endos that people have told us about - not sure if anyone is local to you - but email me if you would like it...



  • A list of endos would be great this v much!

  • Hi Penny

    You will have to email me I'm afraid as I cannot attach here.. :)



  • In my opinion (sticks tongue out) your doctor should keep "her" opinions to herself. Her job is to help you improve. If you are still unwell with a TSH of 3.5 (I was still *&^& with a TSH of 2.5) then her job is to improve you even further. You wouldn't have gone to see her if you felt "fine" - or does she think she is such an amazingly wonderful person that her patients want to drop by for a cuppa and a chat?

  • Absolutely! Sick of the merry go round! Wish doctors would just listen when you tell them you are not feeling right even though they believe the tests show otherwise. Grrrrrrrrrrr

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