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Hello, following a terrible experience with an NHS endo at Derby Royal, just wondering if anyone could recommend a private Endo working in Derby and nearby areas (Nottingham, Leicester, Staffordshire etc.) who they have had a positive experience with?

And also if anybody could recommend a Private GP (within those areas above) that they have also found to be thorough and helpful.

Thank you so much :)

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  • Annonymous, just click on Bellerin's name, and it will take you to her profile. In the top right hand corner of her profile is a white box marked 'Message'. Just click on that, write your message in the window that pops up, and click on send. :)

  • Where exactly did nothing happen? Which one of those steps?

  • Dr Maksoud still sees people, I believe, and was okay with me but that was in 2005.


  • thank you :)

  • thank you! will look into it :)

  • Dr Maksoud at The Park in Nottingham is apparently good but does not see Aviva patients. I live in Nottingham & saw an Endo in Leicester but was not happy so I'm now going to see one at The Spire near Halifax. Jo x

  • Keep away from Queens in Nottingham as they are blood test only people and useless as I found out when I was there. I ended up having to show their chief Endo that I knew more about my hypothyroidism than he did! He just sat there with his mouth open! At one point he tried to physically throw out my husband (who is also my carer as I have a diagnosis of dementia). What a fool.


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