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NHS endo Warwickshire/ West Midlands


Please can anyone recommend a decent NHS endo in the Warwickshire or West Midlands area.? My G.P is willing to refer me as I have half a thyroid but just trying to find a decent one who is up to date!

Thanks in advance.

Sarah x

Recommendations via private messages please in accordance with posting guideline #25, thank you.


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Salsa2014, email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk for a list of member recommended endos. Members will send personal recommendations to you via private messages.


Thanks Clutter. I have the list of private endos from Louise but I don't think that includes recommended NHS endos?

Btw, I read your replies often here and the depth and quality of your info and advice is amazing. You are always very helpful and encouraging so thank you for all the contributions you make. x


Salsa, thank you for your kind comments. I think NHS endos are included on the list.




Thank you v much for the info. Sarah x

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