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Feeling relieved - Dr finally listened to me and not the results

Hi, after having many symptoms that I was convinced were related to my Thyroid , I went to my GP and she did all the usual blood tests which all came back "Normal" or "Within Range". However, after reading the posts and advice on this site I persisted and went back to her and asked for the T3 & T4 which she did.

Went for the result yesterday and even though they are also technically "Within Range" She then said you are borderline Hypo. She said as I have so many symptoms and a strong family history of Hypothyroidism that I could try and low dose of Levothyroxine (25mcg) to see if it helps. So, I started them yesterday.

I'm so chuffed I may finally know why I have these dreadful symptoms and especially why I am so very very tired all the time - which is so debilitating.

She said the tablets can take 6 weeks to work - is this the case?

Thanks to this site I may have finally got a diagnosis so a huge Thank You :-)

PS, I cant quite remember the no's but I am getting a printout for the secretary on Mon which I will post on here. Think one was 11.1.

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Well done you for taking control, gaining the knowledge and then using it. Its great when we can read posts like your's and see how this site can, and does, make a difference.

Yes levo can take 6 - 8 weeks to get fully into your system but if I have a dosage change then I know about it within two or three days so hopefully you will feel some relief from your symptoms well before 6 weeks.

Just need to warn you that sometimes - not always - when you start on levo your poor struggling thyroid can stop producing as much as it was before you started the levo. Its as if it realises that it can have a well deserved rest, as it has been struggling for so long, so you may end up having less thyroid hormone in your body than before you started the levo because the 25mcg's of levo you are taking will not make up for what your thyroid has stopped producing. If this happens then you need to go back to your GP's and ask for an increase, although she wont increase until your 6 - 8 week blood test.

Well done again.

Moggie x


Thanks Moggie, I feel less tired already and its only day 3 ! its as though a huge weight has been removed from me/my eyes etc.. But, I will keep an eye on everything. She told me to go back in 10 weeks for a blood test?! and then see her in 12 (end of Jan). This site is brilliant :-)


Lets hope that you are one of the lucky ones and levo works well for you (as it does in an awful lot of cases).

Keep us posted wont you.

Moggie x


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