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Wondered if there were any men here who have suffered from depression and social anxiety as a result from having hypothyroidism?

I was diagnosed by my doctor as having an underactive thyroid in 1999 after having problems including brain fog, depression, weight gain, poor circulation and a weak pulse. Although I was prescribed thyroxine which resolved most of the problems, I still suffered from depression and social anxiety until last year when my dosage was increased.

This all happened in my 'growing up' years so I've missed out on a lot. Has anyone else suffered in the same way or similar?

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yeah i had the social anxieties but not sure it was related to my thyroid as i've had them since childhood :00


I suffered the same.




I could have posted exactly the same question.

How are you dealing with it now?




The depression, social anxiety, brain fog and weight gain all sound like possible effects of growth hormone deficiency. You haven't had a head injury by any chance, have you? If you have, it could be that your pituitary gland was damaged, and you could be suffering from several hormonal deficiencies, not just thyroid. The other possibles are growth hormone as I said, and ACTH and FSH/LH which stimulate the production of cortisol and testosterone respectively. If you had a head injury (and even if you didn't, because pituitary damage can be caused by autoimmune disease or genetic factors, or cranial radiation, or a stroke) then please visit our website which has more information. We set it up after our son's suicide. If you want information about what tests to ask for, contact me through the website and I'll send you what I know. I do hope you find some treatment that helps, best wishes, Joanna


Thank you all for your replies. It's been a long slog, but I think I'm getting there. I really have had to re-evaluate most of my life, and this has caused me to lose some people, especially those who I don't think we're able to understand what I've been through.

@Joanna: this has never crossed my mind to be honest. I had a head/ear injury when I was a toddler. Quite often I've thought that I'm not as well developed as my peers for my age (37). People have also said either that I'm old before my time and that I'm a late developer! Additionally, after all that's happened, I haven't left home! I know I should, but's never been one of my priorities. It will happen eventually - that really sounds crazy, doesn't it!


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