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recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have question about feeling as if there's a "lump" in my throat

Hi all - apologies in advance if this is a bit long-winded.

2 months ago I went to doctor as couldn't cope any longer with "brain fog" (thought I might be perimenopausal and wanted to get that checked out). Doctor (male) insisted I wasn't but told me he'd do some blood tests any way. These duly came back and showed following:

TSH reading was 26.6 (normal apparently .3 / 4)

T4 reading was 8.5 (normal apparently 10.5 - 24.5

and I was prescribed 25mcg levothyroxine (subsequently doubled after 2 months to 50mcg - readings now 16.3 and 10.2)

Having read around on this forum (very helpful I might add) it seems that a "lump in the throat" is sometimes noted with hypothroidism. I have had this feeling for over 4 years but nothing can be palpated (as noted by two doctors) and weirdly, it doesn't always feel as if the lump is present, but disappears for a day or two. However, it ALWAYS feels as if it's in the same place (on the "inside" of my throat, ie pointing inwards) and is pretty unpleasant. my question - finally - is:

Should I pursue this with my GP, or is it just a weird artifact of the condition? it is pretty unpleasant and I am generally very fit and healthy other than that (hence me being very shocked at being diagnosed as hypo)

Thank you for any answers

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Yes, pursue it with GP.


Hi, I have had this for,3 years endo feels it's hypo related, hashimotos d. X


Hi It sound as if you need an ultra sound of the thyroid and if nodules a routine needle biopsy.You also need a tet for Free T3 and most likely some T3 with the Levo,Also more Levo, i would think, depending on bloods. It is usual to have repeat blood tests ( all 3) followed by rises in meds until stable

Best wishes,



Yes, do pursue this!! I think you need to increase your thyroxin to get tsh down. I just had an ultra sound last week because of the very same thing that you discribe. I have Hashimoto's, you might have it too....good luck


Thank you to all of you for your replies - I will definitely pursue this with more vigour and not be "fobbed off" again which is what's happened so far! Will also ask for a T3 test despite being told "we don't do that in UK.

Thank you all


If your dr is telling you that then he is lying.

Jo xx


also ask for a TPO antibody test along with your other blood labs.If your Dr won't do it find a lab that will. good luck, things will get better, hang in there


I always felt it was an ongoing attack against the thyroid or the thyroid gland attempting to produce more thyroid. It has to be related somehow.


I have only had this intermittently since starting Levo. Combined with extra post nasal drip, it's annoying. I am not near optimal but have last night gone up to 75mg. I have never had this before and don't like it much. Thyroid scan says no nodules or thyroid swelling. So I don't know.


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