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Interesting website

I was doing some random googling re any link between hypo and high blood sugar when I came across this.It is a study of TSH and T4 in (cannot spell) euthyroid? normal thyroid patients. They found links with high bad cholesterol plus other health problems in patients within normal range, by normal they meant TSH up to 3. It was suggested that a lower TSH and T4 be seen as significant when looking at the lower incidence of various health problems.

I was googling due to my cataract. Bit of a mystery as to why it's there. Its far more advanced in one eye so seems unlikely to be systemic but diabetes would be the main cause of cataracts in someone my age. I'm trying to predict how long the good eye will last as I need new glasses. My main ones are very fragile and I'm hoping an optician will prescribe an old prescription for my bad eye an a better one for the good one. Or just a repeat, pre cataract varifocal prescription. If anyone can message with experiences here I'd be grateful. Because of asinometropia, a difference in image size,thought I'd appeal to the google Kings and Queens amongst us, both eyes need surgery. it would be difficult to make the bad eye short sighted enough. I'm not willing to take the risk of surgery if my good eye doesn't need it. I'm used to poor vision in one eye but dependent on specs, the first optician would not write a prescription.

I'm not diabetic but had a borderline reading. I tested my own blood sugar and it did seem to get very high , ketone range for short periods of time before falling. Could these surges in blood sugar explain the cataract? And is insulin resistance related to hypo? I have a tiny cataract in my good eye which doesn't seem to have changed Could the Levo have helped? I need to get it checked. My bad eye went overnight.

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Hello.. my dad was an eye surgeon so I grew up with talk of such things.. yes yes and yes sugar is directly implicated in the formation of cataract and not just in humans.. If you are hypo there is also good reason for you to go on a Low GI Diet.. all of my family get Type 2 diabetes and I was expecting it any minute when I got my Hashimoto's diagnosis... My endo said that cutting out all sugar and going Low GI would help channel my energy evenly throughout the day and help me avoid the onset of the type 1 that would surely come otherwise... I must say I feel much better..

You don't mention surgery for your cataract... This is very effective , try Paul Rosen's team at the John Radcliff in Oxofrd, they are super... Good luck with this.. but I would definitely go Low GI today... Eggs for breakfast then!

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and No Levo would NOT have helped with your cataract... Levo doesn't even work for all thyroid issues...


Hi liliput, I had done some investigating about cataracts and free radicals seem to be a main ingredient.

I have been posting this man's videos pertaining to low thyroid symptoms and how autoimmune problems effect so many areas. He speaks a lot about glucose and cortisol when they are not controlled. They are only five minutes in length and I'll post the first one


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