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HASHIMOTOS + Anyone ever complained to The GMC regarding a doctor?

So my GP who isn't all too bad referred me to an endo. I went and saw her and she forgot to do a T3 test on me. Also my cortisol levels were high and she said they were fine. TPO antibodies were >200 but again nothing said.

I contacted my GP and he said he will send a letter to the endo.

I filed a complaint regards her today to the GMC, anyone done the same before? Any other info anyone has regards complaints about doctors will be much appreciated!

Also, now that i know i have hashimotos according to my GP nothing can really be done about it but take replacement hormones :( Any ideas because that TSH is still 1 and all the levo has made me hyper (t4 = 22)

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You may need your TSH to be above 1. Some people do :)

It is also a good idea to look at your iron levels and ferritin. Lower than optimal values can leave you feeling hyper when you aren't really. As well as that, your high cortisol levels won't be helping.

It might be worth looking at natural ways to control autoimmune diseases. I believe selenium can help as well as avoiding allergens, so if you have any food sensitivities it is even more important to avoid those foods than it is for those without autoimmune conditions. It is certainly worth looking into, although there are treatments available but most are not nice. Some have luck with low dose naltrexone but it's not suitable for everyone.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Carolyn x


Carolyn has some very good suggestions, in terms of Autoimmune I feel now after 3 years I have to try and sort my health issues myself through doing research, as it seems medical professionals do not understand and can not treat you with anything other than thyroids meds. There will be other co factors that are causing symptoms. having said that, you need to find out the cause of your hashimotos , without the cause, no medication will work as is is autoimmune and this has been confirmed from your GP. did the meds make you hyper? or was the antibodies causing this? as antibodies can make you ill. x


can't? or won't . . . are they so invested in the pharmaceutical system there's no room for other thoughts?


Hmmmm good point. Xx


To add, the thyroid is complex, and specialist do not look at the bigger picture, for instance vitamin D, iron, blood sugar, gut, liver, brain, cholesterol, parathyroid, nerves, are all some how connected. The only test really, specialist will look at is the TSH and T4 and predict what going on, with the whole thyroid, which is totally impossible. if there are too many chemicals of balance, this will also cause hashi, or graves. cortisol levels will be either to low or to high as a result. x


Thanks for the reply people! :)

well i have always been hypo since 2006. recently my symptoms got worse and slowly slowly i was put on vit D and iron tablets.

i do understand the physiology of the illness but day by day there is more to learn.

Ok so now i know my hypo is caused by hashimotos how would i know whats causing the increased TPO antibodies?

The increased levo of 125mcg increased my t4 yet tsh still 1 meaning although my t4 is at a hyper range my pituitary gland is still telling my body to make more thyroid hormones hence the tsh of 1!

It prob means a t3-t4 conversion so i should be having a t3 test fianlly...soon!

So apart from the other factors vitamins and t3 what else can i test and find out for?



.....with Hashimotos it is good to think of yourself as having an auto-immune issue rather than a thyroid one. Most auto-immune conditions start with a dysfunctional gut - 70% of the immune system lies within the lining of the gut and it is also there that you have lots and lots of T3 receptors. I was diagnosed with Crohns some 40 years ago after being seriously ill with TB in the gut - the Hashimotos diagnosis in 2005. I have spent a lot of time learning about guts and the importance of gut health.....

Books :- Hashimotos Thyroiditis - by Izabella Wentz - she has a website and you can sign up for her excellent Newsletter....

Gut and Psychology Syndrome - by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride

The Gut Reaction - by Gudrun Jonsson - quite old but info applies today !

When I was first tested here in Crete all the TFT's were within range - only the scan showing nodes and high antibodies confirmed the diagnosis. You can have Hashimotos for years and years without a thyroid diagnosis...Had I remained in the UK I probably would be one of those people still struggling for a diagnosis and sleeping 4 hours every afternoon....

So as Hippocrates said - let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food......I know it is a tough call - but we are what we eat - and of course we are all so individual. You really do have to do the hard work finding out what is right for you. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have and will do my best to help....at 67 I am just about getting it sorted :-) ...and still have my off days. Stay on the journey and things will improve....you are doing lots of positive things with the VitD and the Iron - and it may be worth taking note that Hashimotos can make you Hypo and then Hyper - as the hormones spill out into the bloodstream. Can't quite remember the definitive description - but I do remember Rod explaining it in an excellent way in a post some time ago ! Maybe he will come to my aid !

Good luck and wishing you well soon.........

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I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis and my TSH was 7 and my anti TPO antibodies were 3000, going onto Levo had no impact at all.

I read Thyroid Health by Dr Barry Durant-Peatfield and later went to see him, I now have my full head of hair, my eyebrows are still a little ratty but not as bad, I now get goosebumps, the rib pains have gone, my tummy works more regularly, joint pains all gone, brain fuzz - gone, I am loosing weight, Dizziness and Tinitis gone, I feel more like a normal human being than I have in the last 10 years, it's amazing! I know I am not supposed to recommend a doctor on this site but the turn around after all the frustration needs to be acknowledged!

I am still battling my doctor but just generally ignore them now and only go to them if I absolutely have to I can't stand the total ignorance of my condition

I hope you manage to get sorted out

Get well soon


wow sounds good

i'll take a look at the book. In the mean time can you summarise what treatments you undertook and any changes you made from simply being on levo. Looks as if i'm in the same boat!

look forward to reading your reply!


I was diagnosed by chance I had no symptoms, found that I also had low b12. I am happy to say that my antibodies are going down by eating a non gluten diet , eliminating sugar and suppoting my inmune system with selenium and and vit D. other people who have posted here have also said that a gluten free diet have in many cases reversed symptoms.. good luck in your battle with the pharmaceutical merchants (g.p´s)


problem is I have symptoms of low sugar levels so it's really tough to give up the sugar


The more bad doctors face consequences the more careful they will be.


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