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New GP - result!!

I went to get my latest blood results today (started Levo in Aug) and saw a different GP. From 4.15 last month my TSH is now 1.1 (T4 not even tested!) so my usual GP wrote on my notes "Normal-no action necessary). I queried this with the new GP and said I didn't feel any different. And you know what? She listened to me!! She asked what my symptoms are and to cut a long story short I had to give 5 samples of blood and she is testing for loads of things: Prolactin, Coeliac, Vit D, B12, and others I'd never even heard of. Plus T3 which my previous GP said my area health authority wouldn't test for! I am so impressed and feel I may get somewhere at last :-) I am definitely putting the lottery on tonight!!

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I hope your lottery comes up - you never know.

It's good that you had a sympathetic doctor. Even though she's requested T3 some labs will not do it if your TSH is in 'normal range'.

Always get a print-out of your blood test results with the ranges (labs differ) for your own records and you can post them if you have queries. We are entitled to copies.

It does take a while to get to a dose which makes you feel well with diminished symptoms. Even though some GP's say you are o.k. because you are within 'normal range' it doesn't mean that we feel normal and may have to be slightly below normal range to feel better.


It wasn't really worth getting a print out this time as there was only the one result -TSH! I did write the result and the range down though for future reference :-)


Don't forget thyroiduk if you win the jackpot will

I have said more than once on this site that your journey to wellness doesn't just rely on you but on your relationship with a good GP as well.

Its always nice to hear good news on here and lets hope you will start to reap the benefits soon.

Moggie x


There will definitely be a large check winging its way if I do! I was just thinking earlier what I would have done if I hadn't come across the forum, and was trying to get well with zero knowledge/support...doesn't bear thinking about x


That's amazing news! Hopefully this is the start of your new improved health :)

Carolyn x

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