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Why am i so down?

I actually got a GP to refer me to an Endo for review of my treatment still waiting, I stopped taking fluoxetine 12-14 weeks ago because I had read so much info and felt I could cope because I am not depressed. Now I feel down right awful, Im anxious,tearful and in very low spirits, I can't even be bothered to go to my exercise classses. I am functioning at work but have been tearful even there over stupid things. I tried to rationalise it but I have no explanation.

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Perhaps the fluoxetine was helping more than you thought it was? I'm not sure how long you were taking it for, but I know it takes a while to completely come out of your system.


It also helps if you come off it slowly, I know,I stopped abruptly once and well....but I now Know my depression was caused by Hashimotos hence why antidepressants never helped me. Time will tell for you, stick it out.


If you haven't had a recent thyroid gland blood test ask your GP to do one and post your results with the ranges and post on a new question. It sounds if you may be undermedicated. This is a link and it is not surprising to find that depression can be common in hypothyroidism:-



been on fluoetine basically since thyroid removed, tried to come off before very similar reaction ,always do a slow withdrawal, it seems they would rather me on it . if j drop thyroid dose whilst on fluow I also feel like this; Wits end .

Thanks for replying


I suspect your thyroid dose is way too low

this nonsense of giving anti depressants to thyroid patients is a disgrace they are based on fluoride which depresses thyroid even more

whats needed is recognition of symptoms and stop relying on stupid blood tests which are irrelevant after RAi r surgery for Graves because the body is sensitised to such high levels of thyroid hormone it can never again cope on " normal " levels

Research done in Sweden many many years ago


Hi Reallyfedup. How true your comments are about Graves patients not being able to cope on 'normal levels' after RAI. I was very hyper on and off for many years until eventually the powers that be decided to zap the thyroid. Over the following weeks I went downhill (naturally) but at my first follow up after RAI I was clearly hypo. The endo's registrar said that my levels were 'normal' and that I would have to learn to live with a slower metabolism! I was near collapse before they decided to treat me with levo. My TSH was 74 and T4 almost undetectable!! Still strugglingwi hypo symptoms and cant seem to get levels right, although the RAI was carried out 10years ago.

Take care everyone



Hi pottyrai,

i had been taking fluoxitine on and off for 20 yrs. Earlier this year I was having similar symptoms as you described, very low spirits, no interest, no energy to get to exercise classes, existing not living, having to force my self out of the house etc. The GP stated that it was depression / stress and ALL IN THE MIND, and NOT to stop the fluoxitine, and all my bloods were normal.

i believed that it was to do with my thyroid or something else, and that i would get nowhere unless i proved that it was not stress and all in my mind!.

I got a print out of my last results, posted them here, and got fantastic back up , the team here pointed out my GP had made errors and ignored recommdations from the lab.

So i stopped taking the AD;s, stopped everything except levo, changed gp in same practice, eventually other blood tests showed that I had Pernicious anaemia. after 10 weeks of injections I feel pretty good and off the AD;s for 8 months now. I forgot to say I did wean my self off them slowly over period of several months. Just because we have thyroid disease and associated problems does not mean everything has to be put down to "your thyroid". Hope this is helpful, and as others have said never stop AD;s abruptly.

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Thanx all , When i stoppped AD it was a slow decrease over 3 months, I had had a previous low mood etc when when GP dropped my levo. was still on the AD then. Hoping to book a blood test soon so I can have updated results, however im told they wont test my free T3. fed up /xx


I don' t understand why gps wont ask for the t3 test - is it expensive or something. I've never had mine tested, they say that they only test t4 if tsh is abnormal, whatever that means with all the different criteria out there. My GP just puts TFT (thyroid function test) on the blood test form and I think many do the same. It makes no difference how often I go back to badger them they wont budge. I think they regard me as a nuisance because I keep going back and saying I dont feel right. When will they stop treating thyroid patients as either hyperchondriacs or pests!


Valjo 18 so annoying isn't it. Im so unhappy


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