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Why am I in so much pain :-(

Currently taking 125mgs levo and 5mgs folic acid had underactive thyroid for 6 years. Had bloods taken 4 weeks ago doctor said they were OK.

Lately I feel like iv been ran over by a bus!! This morning it took me 46 minutes to get out of bed and get down the stairs not good when I've 7 kiddies to get up and ready for school.

Pain in my shoulders lower back hips thighs knees and legs. It's a dull achy pain but has like electric shock pain that makes me jump and spasm. Feels like someone is sitting on my shoulders to.

Doctor always dismisses it's anything to worry about and claims it's because I run around after the kiddies or I'm depressed!! Which I'm actually not my moods are fine I'm just in pain!!! He only ever gives me solpadol for pain relief which doesn't improve anything at all.

Will I ever feel normal again?? Or is this my normal?? 🙁

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Ask the surgery for a print out of your last result, with ranges, and post them here. You have a legal right to these. You may well be under medicated. The surgery is prob only testing tsh .... you may find it is helpful to get a full private blood test through the post including all the thyroid measures and nutrient measures too, since we are typically low in eg B12, iron, D at the least.

A percentage of Hashis sufferers don't do well on Levo alone, and need some added T3, which you may not find easy to get through the NHS.

You may also have an overlapping condition, eg, about one in 20 with Hashis are also celiac, and perhaps a third have autoimmune gastritis. Don't go gluten free before testing for celiac. Don't supplement B12 until you have tested your level.

You might have another co existing condition entirely, and a crp test for inflammation would be useful.

But start with a print out of your last test. Have you been tested for antibodies by the way? And can you remember what your tsh was at the beginning?

You will sort it out in the end with the help given here.


Ask your surgery for a copy printout of your blood test results and someone on here will probably be able to advise a way forward. You clearly have some significant symptoms which you shouldn't just put up with.

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Pain is exhausting in itself!

Alas, not all painkillers work. See:

I'd certainly follow suggestions posted by Aspmama and Johnnyxs

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'Normal' is a very broad range. If you post your thyroid results with the ranges (figures in brackets after results) we will be able to advise whether your results are optimal. If vitamin D, ferritin, B12 and folate have been tested please post those results too.

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Hello everyone, i have underactive thyroid more than 3 years now, it's started 6 month after my second pregnancy. I was feeling in all my pregnancy not well, tired all the time with swollen body, i suspected that is something not well. So after pregnancy they checked TSH and it was 9. This is UK readings. put on 50 mcg levothyroxine sodium, checked after month it helped and doctor told stay on 50 and never checked again. After some while i still not well, i started to have almost all sides affects on thyroxine. Going and going to GP, told i am fine as my tsh normal. They told don't panic to much. I tried to switch to different brand Berlin chemie levothyroxine, since then i have hart palpitations, after 1 month switched back to actavis brand, still the same, seems that I overdosing, so finally i went to the private blood test laboratory and did full thyroid profile

TOTAL (T4) 122 nml/L (59-154)

TSH 0.91 miu/L (0.27- 4.2)

Free thyroxine 19. 4 pmol/L(12-22)

Free T3. 4.6pmol/L (3.1-6.8)

Thyroglobulin anti -tg 377.1 (0-115)

Peroxidase anti -tpo 16.1 (0-34)

Also i am on treatment vit D,because of deficiency.

Also checked

Iron 4.3. (6.6- 26.0)

TIBC 65 (41-77)

Transferrin saturation 7 % (20-55)

Ferritin 34 ug/L

B12 377 pg/m

FOL 9.3 ug/L

Testosterone 1.1 (0-1.8)

Fell like crap, want give up, orible muscle cramps, joint pain, blurred vision, hart palpitations, headache, brain fog, no memory, diarrhea, nauseas, preasure around brain. Nausea. I have Mitral Valve prolapse and regurgitation, and systolic noise. Neck spondylosis. Anyone can tell my advice? Thanks


I think you should start your own thread and not stick it at the end of someone else's where it will not be noticed by the knowledgeable. From a quick glance your B12 is too low and neds to be around 900-1000.I think your T3 is too low suggesting undermedicated.Your iron certainly is.

Start Again and I hope you will get more expert advice.

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Thanks treepie, I will try to write new post. I still learning how to do in my own post. I just registered on this site yesterday.


Do you take any vitamins or supplements? If I were you, I would start on a B-50 Complex supplement. I recently saw this in a pamphlet about nutrition:

Riboflavin (B2) Deficient in 30% of Britons. Signs/symptoms of deficiency: Blurred vision, depression, dermatitis, dizziness, hair loss, inflamed eyes, mouth lesions, nervousness, neurological symptoms (numbness, loss of sensation, "electric shock" sensations), seizures, sensitivity to light, sleepiness, weakness


Food sources: mushrooms, calf liver, spinach, romaine lettuce, asparagus, chard, mustard greens, broccoli, collard greens venison, turnip greens, chicken eggs, yogurt, cow's milk.

I'm, no Doctor, just a person that has to watch my nutrition due to having had a Gastric Bypass. But a B vitamin deficiency can happen in anyone, especially if you're under a lot of stress or drink a lot of tea/coffee. With 7 kiddies to take care of, you probably could use a good supplement. Best wishes.

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little_sarah As well as low thyroid hormones causing lots of pain, lots of people on the forum find that low vitamin D causes pain too.

Personally I've found that optimising nutrient levels has reduced pain in all sorts of ways, but the effect was particularly noticeable when I increased my vitamin D to optimal. And it wasn't even terribly bad to start with.

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