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Hello everyone.

As HealthUnlocked becomes bigger and with more members and as Thyroid UK forum on HealthUnlocked also becomes bigger, unfortunately so do the 'chances' of 'spammers'/'ill intentioned individuals' joining and/or coming through.

This forum (Thyroid UK) is on the HealthUnlocked 'platform', as such it means that if someone 'joins HealthUnlocked' they can send a Private Message to any other member on the HealthUnlocked platforms.

Most members are genuine and come here to read and or post, however occasionally the 'wrongly intentioned person' will come through.

If you ever receive a private message which makes you feel 'uneasy' or you are not 'sure about' or is just obviously an unsolicited/spam message then please do NOT hesitate to report it to our Admin team or the HealthUnlocked team.

We will support you and help you through it.

If you are concerned or worried about a post on the forum then please click the 'Report' link at the bottom of the post you are concerned about.

If you are concerned about a 'private message' (something coming personally to you via your private inbox on the forum) then please click on the 'Help' link on the green bar at the top of the screen, then a new window will appear and you can follow the link to email the HealthUnlocked team. If you want to alert the Thyroid UK Admin team as well and/or get their additional help please feel free to private message one of us and we will support you.

To 'locate' who the ADMIN Team members are go to this thread:

Also please try to include ALL the Admin team members in a private message as if you message only one Admin that one person may not be online for a few hours/days, we have many Admins to try and cover all days/hours, or as much as we can anyway :)

We want all our members to feel safe and protected so please do report anything that you are not sure about.

There has been a few incidents across the HealthUnlocked forums recently and the HealthUnlocked team are taking steps by banning those people who have posted the inappropriate posts/private messages.

Thank you

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Thank you! Just great to know you guys in admin are looking out for us.

I don't post often but I read and learn a lot. Best wishes.

Jayne x


11,667 members - most are genuine looking for help and support for our condition, unfortunately some are missed in the screening process by HU - so as NBD says please let us know of those with the wrong intentions. Jane :D x


Many thanks for being there. You are all greatly appreciated.

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Just wonder what type of messages are these that are making people uneasy?.......sounds a little bizzare and sinister. Would maybe elaborating a little more make it clear to those posting such things, aware of what they should and shouldn't be posting?


Hi Buggles84,

messages that makes one feel 'uneasy' is anything really, what makes me feel uneasy may be totally different from what makes you feel uneasy....

as my post is a 'general post' regarding both posts on the forum 'and' private messages I had to include all situations.

When we talk about posts on the main forum us admins have to try and find a 'common ground' when anything gets reported to us, we will go and look at the post and 'evaluate' if the abuse report has 'valid reasoning', if we think the person reporting the abuse is exaggerating or seeing 'too much in between the lines' we will try and mediate the situation, if the post reported is really out of bounds (contravening guidelines, having explicit photos/words which are not acceptable etc then we will remove/edit the post and if appropriate also let the poster know).

When it comes to 'private' messages which one finds inappropriate then as admins we cannot intervene directly but we can get Healthunlocked to mediate the situation and take appropriate action (which can be from restricting/banning a member to reporting to the police if necessary).

Sorry I cannot be any more detailed then this but it is really too much of a BROAD subject.

thank you

PS also please do not worry too much if you personally are posting anything 'appropriate' or not, so long that one stays within our forum guidelines and/or does not post anything 'illegal' or writes any 'swearing' or explicit sexual/racist/discriminating stuff etc then you are usually ok :)


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