I'm taking PROPYLTHYRACIL 50MG .My T4 6.6 .My T3 0.02. I'm Prego .Did anyone take this pill what happen after baby born?

I'm Prego taking PROPYLTHYRACIL. I MIGHT HAVE GRAVE TO. I'm hardly sleeping, my body hurts , I have enlargement of thyroid gland .I have diarrhea everyday ect.... That's why they put me on this pill. You take these pills what happens to you and your baby? my doctor won't tell me. I'm getting scared.

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  • hi it is the only meds that can be given if you are pregnant and hyper. You need to see an endocrinologist who specialises in caring for pregnant ladies. Your diarrhea is due to being hyper. Being scared is normal as hypers have panic attacks. Do seek some advice from your GP or from here.

  • thanks

  • yes I'm Hyperthyroidism .

  • So was I but now in remission after 2 years on carbimazole. Any questions just feel free to get in touch.

  • I have a question. I lost few pounds in a month. Is that bad for my baby?

  • And I eat a lot but still not gaining but losing weight. will these pills help me put on few pounds?

  • I put on weight when on carbimazole but the weight loss should slow and stop when the meds start to work. Your bloods should improve and you should, if all goes well stop loosing weight. Many people lose weight when pregnant to start with so dont panic. Do see your GP.

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