Inner chest tremours???

I wonder if anyone else suffers from 'inner chest trembles' I have an underactive thyroid which has been diagnosed for about 4 years and for that time I have been on Thyroxin 100mg. I have put 4 stone on in weight since being diagnosed and cant shift the weight!

I have these tremors in the morning, only on the inside I do not tremor on the outside, it seems to go when I stand up and move about but I still feel a bit off balance. I have over the last 3 months developed a whooshing in my ears when I lay down and sends me mad when I am trying to get to sleep, and I have terrible cramp in my thighs, calf's, under my rib cage, and I cant yawn as it tends to cramp my neck which makes me feel like I am being strangled to I always stifle my yawns. I recently went to the doctors about the cramps in my neck and she gave me a blood test for calcium deficiency but she said the results where normal. : (

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  • Did she test for B12, irons & Vit D too? (Vit D controls calcium)

    I used to get strange inner buzzy feeling and tremors (still have tremors sometimes) but better since I supplemented Vit D (rib cage hurt too), but still get solid achy legs. Balance etc could be low B12. Vitamins and minerals tend to be low with HypoT so worth getting them checked. Best wishes Jane :D

  • Thank you so much jane i eill ask for thrm to be tested, so folks on her think lack of iodine plays a part in cramps wat do you think? Yes my legs are always heavy and achy too : (

  • If you can get a print-out of your latest thyroid gland blood test results with the ranges and post on a new question for members to comment. You may need a slight increase in your meds.

  • I have had the chest feeling you describe when both too low and too high!

    Cramps... *****Magnesium*****

    It is something that is commonly low, I suffered severe cramps for DECADES until I discovered it. It was a life changing find! Also involved in the T4 to T3 conversion process.


    I use magnesium chloride transdermally - spray it on, made from her "recipe" I buy it cheap on eBay.

    Get your Vitamin D, Folate, Iron/ferritin and B12 right too, supplement as needed. Calcium and same for Potassium - I prefer to get those from foods, not supplements, it's safer.

  • Thank you very much very informative!..

  • I suffer with the yawning jaw lock rib cage twist lock and heavy legs and cramps too. I thought it was just my 6 stone weight gain issue! My dietician says portion control and get a recommendation from the GP for a physio. My GP wanted to sign me up for the gym. Heavens above don't they understand that excessive exercise causes two days (minim) of pain after!!!! I would live to be slimmer and able to walk further than 200 yards without pain breathlessness and the need to rest. But thus awful disease curtails your life and enjoyment and I simply can't stand it much longer!

  • Hi Warren, yes I have been told portion control and to join the gym...which I did for 6 months! I swam 2 miles and did 1 hours exercise in the gym tread mill, weights etc 5days a week and didn't loose a pound!..i was so disappointed and would never go again.

    I recently went to the doctors having plucked up the courage yet again to tell her about my jaw cramps, chest tremor's and she looked at me and said 'well I really don't know what to say! I am baffled' Everything's in its range she said, regardless of how I feel.

    I did ask for a copy of my latest blood test and got it but as she said all seemed it be in range. I feel like I am wasting my time moaning to the doc all the time. It this It ? do I have to put up with all these problems all my life now? As you said Warren I am absolutely sick of it for past 5 years I have felt rubbish! Thanks for replying : )

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