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Why does'nt my gp believe me?

I've been hypo for 6yrs+. Originally was taking liquid thyroxine but the company eventually had manufacturing problems. Was prescribed tablets which made me feel terribly sick so stopped taking them. Went to doctor and she said " but thats impossible". I've now been without meds for about three months and really feeling it. Due to being on benefits, i cant afford to buy my own meds as was suggested by some. I've lost a stone in weight since last october and at my wits end. Wot else can i do?

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Probably not what you want to hear, but I was in the same financial position as you and was refused suitable meds on the NHS and had the option of pills I couldnt take or buy my own, I went without for over a year, was dreadfully ill and in the end had my gas put off and used that money to buy my own, had no heating at all over 2 winters, but survived. Its disgusting that we are left to fend for ourselves because doctors would rather stick to a set of stupid made-up-themselves rules than treat patients as individuals with meds that are suitable to them instead of the health boards pockets!

Go back to your doctor and demand a suitable replacement, they are not allowed to leave you unmedicated, although they do, if she wont provide you with anything suitable or says she cant, ask to be refferred to someone that can (an endo)


Thanku for such a quick answer. Been thinking about an endo but wasn't sure how to get one. My doc's have been very dismissive of me over the years. Will make an appointment asap and try again.


mowmow, your GP has behaved disgracefully and I am enraged on your behalf. You have been refused appropriate treatment AND in essence called a liar, (but that is impossible"). No, it is not impossible.

On the website of the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee:


There are instructions to prescribers as follows:

"If you have been unable to obtain the licensed product and wish to supply a special, to ensure correct reimbursement the prescription needs to be amended by the prescriber to specify the name of the specials manufacturer. The prescription should be fully endorsed and placed in the appropriate red separator for submission to NHS Prescription Services."

So you see, it can be done, and she would/should have known this all along.

There is a phone number for an update on the supply situation.

Take fedupsusie's advice go back and demand a replacement armed with the above, for no doctor has any right to deny you the medication you need in the form that you need. Your doctor has displayed the most amazing indifference to your needs which is tantamount to medical neglect.

You know, in such situations as yours, you can often get much more reliable information from your pharmacist.


Link has surplus comma which snuck in, sorry:


Unfortunately the Evotrox product has been withdrawn entirely from the market in the UK.

But the good news is that a near-identical product called Eltroxin Liquid is available. (Be careful - the ingredients are pretty much the same but you need to be sure about the strength. Might need dose to be adjusted.)



Details of all current UK products and some non-UK ones on the main Thyroid UK site here:


Rod, thanks for these links. All this information is available to GPs yet mowmow's does absolutely nothing except deny her reality and leave her without medication. Atrocious.


Not that long ago medics were the gatekeepers to information. We non-medics didn't stand a chance unless we were able to spend forever in one of the few libraries with copies of everything we need - probably a university one.

Now we have the access and are realising how bad medics have been and still are at using what is available.

And it isn't only GPs and nurses. But pharmacists, the so-called medicine experts, who seem just as ignorant.

We are the only ones who care about our own health sufficiently.


Thanku everyone for your advice and links. All i can do is hope that i can move forward from this and i will investigate and present. Thanku again. Will report back as soon as i have news, good or bad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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