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Speaking Out For The Cause!

Hi guys, I don't know you feel about members sharing info, but I found two new pieces of work relating to our cause from other thyroid groups yesterday. One was called 'It's your Journey Enjoy Every Step' The other was via a link to Amazon and called 'Stop it You're Killing Me'. This site and two others are mentioned in the book, so I think it will be good for drawing more people suffering with this disease to a source of help. The author discusses many health implications faced by sufferers of the disease and pitfalls in diagnosis and thus struggling with no medical help. I'll share the link .

I think many people suffering alone or without diagnosis may find this helpful. Hope I have not breached any rules.

Ever the advocate!

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Always good to read more books about hypothyroidism. Thanks for this. x


You're very welcome, I try share as much info as possible via social media. I have this site and a couple of others to thank for my return to health xx


Hi Fightingback. Have you read the Amazon book - is it any good?


Hi Chancery, I have read the book, its not greatly long,around forty pages. But its written in an 'open' and frank manner which makes it easy to flow. You cannot help but empathise whilst reading stuff you recognise of your own thyroid struggles. Sad but good !


Thanks for that, FB. I'll have a look at the Kindle sample. I do like to read (well-written!) personal accounts - they do definitely make you feel less alone in your struggles!

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