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ithroid.... ( iodine and potassium). Rlc labs

ithroid....   ( iodine and potassium). Rlc labs

Hi everyone.

I just stumbled across I throid , made by the same people who make Naturethroid.....

I do understand that we have a world shortage of iodine and if you dont have antibodies, the cause of low thyroid could be lack of building materials... ( iodine),But the description say it can be takken alongside ndt..... Or on its own.... It has potassium too. I've not seen any mentions of this product on the forum. Is Anyone trying it? No prescription needed and so available on Amazon.

Here is the link to the manufacturers page about it. rlclabs.com/ithroid.php


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I've noticed it before but don't remember anyone saying they are taking the product.

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That's a hefty dose of iodine. Why on earth would someone want to take 5000% of the daily value?

According to the British Dietetic Association the recommended daily amount of iodine is 150mcg for an adult. That is easily obtained from 200ml non-organic milk plus 150mg yogurt, and a 120g portion of haddock or cod more than covers that too (the BDA food fact sheet on iodine has a table of foods and iodine content).

Iodine shouldn't be supplemented unless there's a known deficiency so testing is always advisable, and supplementing should be done under the guidance of a qualified practioner as it needs to be balanced with selenium.

Hopefully no members are taking it and that's why there's been no mention of it on the forum.


Back a few years ago, Iodoral (pill iodine) became hard to find (mfg problem?) and I discovered I throid and used that. I liked it very much and it even seemed to be more effective than the Iodoral. The only negative to the I throid is that it is a solid gel capsule so you can't split it or divide it if you want a smaller dose of iodine which you can do with the Iodoral. I am hypo and have taken NDT for over twenty years. I take 12.5 - 25 mgs of iodine (with companion nutrients) each day with negative side effects.

I always encourage folks to do their own research/homework on any subject. For those who think we don't need iodine in our diet, remember that there are iodine receptors on every one of the cells in our body. Our sex organs and the thyroid gland especially do need iodine. Again, educate yourself and make your own informed decision about supplementing iodine (or not) and how much is right for you.

***Edit... no one should take iodine or even take NDT without also taking selenium. Selenium (200 mcg... no more than 400 mcgs per day) is protective of the thyroid and helps in the T 4 to T 3 conversion. If you are nervous about taking selenium as a supplement (pill/tab) just eat 2 - 3 brazil nuts daily. Depending on size and freshness, most brazil nuts offer 50 - 75 mcgs of selenium per each.


"Depending on size and freshness, most brazil nuts offer 50 - 75 mcgs of selenium per each."

But only if they've been grown in selenium rich soil. If it doesn't say that on the packet there's not much chance of the nuts containing selenium.

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You may well be correct in that, Susie. I hadn't thought about that aspect of it nor have I researched it yet.


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