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The Discovery of Thyroid Replacement Therapy

For those who enjoy studying the history of thyroid I've just come across an article

that gives a thorough account of the early days written by a doctor in the UK in 2010. PR


If you have any problems getting to the link go to,


Put 'Slater' into the search box and choose the first article.

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Thank again PR4NOW

The first link works fine. It makes fascinating reading and it would be a good idea if it was distributed within the Endocrinology Departments.

Even the Chinese knew how to treat their patients:-

One extract:-

In a work dating from 239 BCE – Master Lu’s Spring and Autumn Annals – it is recorded that: ‘In places where there is too much light water there is much baldness and goitre’.

and another

Yet another involved air-drying various animal thyroids to powder, to be taken every night in cold wine. Two of these prescriptions are from Old and New Tried and Tested Prescriptions (Gujin lu yanfang), attributed to Zhen Quan, written about 640 CE.

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An interesting find - thanks for posting!


I love things like this, thank you! I did the Open Uni history of medicine course and it was full of juicy morsels like this :-)


Thank you - a good bedtime read :-)


Looks really interesting, I shall read it at my leisure. Thank you PR4NOW. Janet.


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