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Functional Medicine Practitioners List

Hi All,

This may have been shared before (so apologies if everyone has already seen it!) but I only just came across this and thought i'd share incase it was useful - a list of IFM certified practitioners in the UK - Use the search tool on this page and just select 'UK' in the country box and it will show all.

Would be curious to hear if any of you have visited any of them and what your experience of it was...?

Cheers, Sarah

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This might be helpful but depending on your region the practitioners may have closed their lists to new patients.


Sadly nothing came up after a number of searches on different topics. Jane x


When I left the topic blank and just put UK in the country box I got a whole list.

Maybe try that? The search facility for filtering on it doesn't seem great. Hope that helps. Sarah x


Thank you, Sarah. I was trying to be too specific. I'm afraid I can't answer your original question, but I am delighted to see that functional medicine is finally being recognised in the UK. I'm absolutely sure that this is the way forward and that we often need to look further than the obvious when it comes to our health. We found a doctor in the USA who is helping my daughter after 20+ years of being labelled with ME/CFS, the latter ten of which we wrongly believed that her problem was merely thyroid dysfunction. Her illness was much, much more than that and the brilliant doctor/scientist/researcher who she sees now is making great strides with her recovery. Thank you for posting and good luck finding a doctor who will help you. You are wise to ask for references though - there are plenty of charlatans out there. Jane x

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