Will I ever be able to loose weight again?

Over the last 12 months (prior to diagnosis of hypothyroidism) I put on a vast amount of weight (3 stone!!) I eat a healthy diet, all home made meals from scratch, eat no bread and only Brown rice and pasta. Yet I can't loose weight at all! I was first diagnosed in march with a TSH >100 (0.4-5.0) free t4 <5.1 (no range given) I'm currently on 150mcg levothyroxine, my last readings were TSH 3.02 (0.4-5.0) free t4 16, I know I'm not low enough yet but only just had my increase to 150mcg and still got 3 weeks until my next bloods are due to be done. Am I expecting too much too soon with expecting to be able to loose weight, or will this only be possible once my meds are right? It's really starting to get me down. x

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  • Hi, Toxins in the body caused by any number of things including mycotoxins from mould, Lyme Disease and stealth viruses as well as chemicals with which the body is daily bombarded can cause extra weight that simply will not shift. Some people are genetically incapable of removing such toxins and they become stored in the body's fat cells. You may be interested in this site: aboutclay.com/info/Uses/wei...

    Jane x

  • Well I have to be honest and say I have never heard of this before Jane!! Do you know anyone who has tried this with any success? x

  • Hi, My daughter came across this by chance. She has been advised to take bentonite clay as part of her treatment for mould biotoxins, Lyme disease toxins and toxins produced by the stealth virus HHV6 which all affected her thyroid function. She has had great difficulty losing weight despite a healthy low calorie diet and lots of exercise which she made herself participate in until the last few years. She just loaded on the weight whatever she did. However since beginning on her regime of biotoxin removal (June) she has lost over 8kg without even trying. She has only just added the bentonite clay which does the same as the other anti-biotoxin supplements. The nice thing is that none of them are pharmaceutical products.

  • Hi Jane, since your first reply I have read up a lot on this and I think I'm going to give it a go! A lot of very positive feedback on it, fingers crossed I will see results like your daughter. Even if I just feel better from the detoxification it provides would be a significant improvement. Thank you x

  • Don't do it too quickly. Do it gradually. She started by using a tsp in a glass of water, left it overnight and JUST drank the liquid at the top in the morning - left the sludge. Too much too soon can make you feel rough as your body tries to deal with the toxins. Good luck and go carefully. Jane x

  • Hi Your thyroid needs to be right and until then the weight will not alter much. Before treatment if hypo what ever you do diet wise,exercise, just does not work. You may well need T4 ( thyroxine) and T3 on a script. On a small dose of T3 you often need a bit less T4. The only way of knowing is frequent tests to start with, TSH, T4 and FT3. If FT3 is low that often causes a weight problem, if on both it should improve. If on both it is important to have another retest ( all 3) in 6 weeks

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks Jackie, don't t think my gp would even discuss t3 treatment until he's got my t4 and TSH in a better place. But it's something I will certainly suggest! x

  • Hi Try, as having the T4 and T3 as a treatment works so well, as then balanced with what you need.

    Best wishes,


  • To reassure you it is possible to lose weight if your meds are right, to warn you it will most likely still be really hard to lose the weight. I have lost 38lbs I lose track of time I think it has taken me about 2 years to lose that amount. That incidently is the weight I put on in the space of 6-7months before diagnosis.

    You will need to find something that works for you, I calorie count (1200 -1400kcal a day) with exercise, others on here follow anything from the paleo diet to slimming world. I decided to go back to the basics as I tried weight watchers, GI diet and no weight loss and I looked at the paleo diet but I dont know if I can give bread and diary up completely ;)

    Good luck in your weight loss quest.


  • Thanks Martine, I've always struggled with my weight so know how much of a battle it can be! Fingers crossed it won't be too much longer until my meds are sorted and the battle of the bulge c an commence!! Well done on your achievements with losing your weight, it's nice to hear a story where someone has succeeded. x

  • Hi dollybird,

    I'm the same issues, I'm only on 100 mcg and my dr won't up it, I'm still tired and can't shift the two stone I have gained. I'm now trying the 5:2 diet, and on diet day I'm on the floor I'm so tired. My hubby is fed up for me, so he's going to see if he can talk my GP into doing something. !

  • It's so disheartening when you try your hardest and see no results, I can truly sympathise with you 123happy. I hope your husband manages to make your doctor pull his finger out and do something to help you. x

  • Thanks, darling, we all have a struggle on our hands, GPs don't like spending money, and if they can fob you off and shove you out the door they will. It's not so much thier fault , budget wise thier hands are often tied !

    I hope you keep well hunny. Xx

  • My TSH was 2.23 (0.40 - 5.00) in May. I persuaded my GP to increase my medication because I couldn't lose weight. I was taking 75 mcgs levo and it was increased to 100 mcgs

    I've since lost 9 1b TSH is now 0.39 same range as above. My diet is similar to yours all whole grains (excluding wheat) more veg salad and fish.

    It was obvious for me I needed just a little increase. Good luck, it sounds like your on the right track with your diet.

  • I hope so Yana, I'm starting to feel a little less symptomatic than I was and only had my meds increased last Friday so fingers crossed that this is now my correct dose and I start to see some results from my eating plan! Got a long road ahead but hopefully I'm about to begin the journey x

  • Hi! I too struggle with the weight gain - and am really interested in the Clay treatment! Having done a quick look at where I might get 'clay' in the UK, I came across a warning from the Food Standards Agency (http://www.food.gov.uk/news-updates/news/2012/aug/clay-warning#.UlJsK9IqiSo) , so whilst not saying do not try it, just be very cautious. Does anyone have any reputable supplier information on this please? I am not good at taking anything other than tablets or capsules so any more advice and info would be much appreciated!

  • I would echo what others have said - it is difficult/impossible to lose (note one 'o' :-)) weight if not properly medicated. (If you lose weight your clothes will be loose.)

    I have had great success with the 5:2 diet and lost 24lbs. I put on maybe 1-2lbs a month, do one day of the 5:2 and it goes again. I do not restrict my calories at any other time and nearly always have a piece of cake with tea and cream in my coffee.

    I am on 140mcg of T3 at present.

    Good luck.

  • Dollybird do you have an update on the clay - did it work?

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