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Made a few changes -- don't know if they're going to work!

I haven't posted on here for some time but I've had a few problems with the computer monitor -- it must have brain fog like me as it doesn't know what on and off means! :)

I now attend a thyroid support group in Bristol and fortnightly sessions for reflexology and lifestyle advice. I also go to art therapy once a week as I like to draw and it gives me a chance to chat to other people. I left my job because of all of my problems so why should I let my illness stop me from going out and enjoying myself if it's made me stop working?

I've been looking for work, more part-time than anything else, but it's still very hard on the employment front. I'm considering signing on as my Working Tax Credit is now only just over £10 a month and that's peanuts really. I'm considering applying for ESA, just so my illness is more well understood when it comes to interviews and snapping up a job but the form is like 54 pages long and they ask you about every single detail!

I've put on more weight, which for me is a good thing. At the start of the year I weighed 7.3 stone and I'm now 8 stone. I was worried the thyroxine would make me lose weight and my appetite hasn't been that good but so far as I know it's staying put and that can't be a bad thing! :)

I'm still incredibly tired and the constipation is still there. It's worse when I drink orange juice and gluten/wheat based food in the morning. Any other time during the day and there are no problems. I even had one day when I drank sparkly flavoured water and it happened then! Very weird!

Despite my appetite not being fully there I still eat when I should, even when not hungry. I'm eating more fruit and veg and cut back on the fatty sugary stuff. Not that I don't need it, but I don't eat lots of it every single day. One chocolate bar a day is fine. I'm aware I do still need to reach my target weight of 8.5 stone, so I haven't got far to go. I'm not eating as much starch and carbs so I have some way to go.

I've had a few scary days when my period hasn't come when it should, but it comes every month. Maybe not bang on time and a few days out, but it comes and it lasts the whole 5 days, which is fine with me. The only thing I would say is that the one I've started this month is very heavy and just consists of dark blood. Last month it was a bit easier - there was more bright red blood. So yes, much heavier this month but not painful as mine always are.

I've increased my water intake which has helped me lots. I drink around 6 glasses a day and I've been on this since the start of last month when I was on only 4 so I'm gradually working my way up to 8 a day.

The thyroxine meds are still a bugbear for me to take at a proper time. I've been taking them in the evening but they make me wake up in the middle of the night and if I take them first thing in the morning they make my mood dip up and down. I've also forgotten to take them as well, but I'm working on alternating the dose so I take 75mcg on one day and 100mcg on the next day. 125mcg is still quite high for me from 75mcg!

I still get very tired and my joints and muscles ache. The aches and pains are worse before and during a period, so whether this is thyroid-related or not I don't know.

I also still get cold but I've been monitoring my temperature and it's within the normal range. I find this so hard to believe as before I charted this more consistently my temperature was down at something like 34 or 35C and I was hot!

I see my GP for a follow-up in 5 weeks' time so I have absolutely no idea what he's going to do with me if my blood test isn't scheduled for another 4 months. :(



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Hi Jo853

Thanks for your update and I am glad you are having some improvements, such as your weight gain etc.You seem to be doing all the right things and it is good too that you go to a support group in Bristol too as it enables you all to talk about your health issues whereas others may not:-understand. You deserve to get better but you do need a co-operative GP.

It sounds as if you may need an increase in meds so if you can get a copy of your thyroid gland blood tests and post on a new question with the ranges. If you haven't already had the following, ask for these to be done also:-

Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

As you are having trouble finding the right time to take your thyroid gland meds, what about 2 hours after lunch with a glass of water, leaving 1 hour gap before eating/drinking (although you can have water). I hope you have success with your job hunting.

Best wishes


Hi Shaws, thanks for your reply.

I've asked my doctor for my latest blood test results and when I get back home next week I'll post them as I'm away in Devon on holiday.

Your suggestion with the meds is a good idea but I'm thinking about increasing them again as my constipation has gotten worse. I'm unable to see my doctor as I'm out of the city and I've been advised to go back about this but I can't do that if I'm out of their radius!




Hi Jo - it was nice to meet you at the meeting in bristol on Friday :)

I hope the slight dose increase will help you. It took me over a year to be able to increase up to my current dose - some of us have to increase very, very slowly.

I look forward to seeing you next month and hope you will have had a few improvements. Xx


Hey Clare, it was nice to see you too!

I've now alternated my dose so I now take 75mcg on 1 day and 100mcg on the next. I also chart my BBT but that's all over the place. It's in the normal range but there's so much variance in the readings and there is no pattern.

Unfortunately my constipation has gotten worse but I'm away from home so I'm unable to see my doctor about it until next week (which is when my partner and I come back to Bristol.) I'm taking the meds as instructed but it's not nice to have this problem when I'm trying to enjoy my holiday. :(

Thanks for your reply.

Jo x


I'm suffering with the dreaded constipation too :( You could some prunes of prune juice from the supermarket - might have a good effect :D

Enjoy your holiday. Xx


Thanks Clare! I haven't tried prunes before so I hope they don't taste bad! :) Also should I think about increasing the meds again or should I give them more time to work?

Jo xx


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