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***British Thyroid Foundation conference in Edinburgh this Saturday for patients and doctors

There is a thyroid conference happening in Edinburgh this weekend in the Chancellors building at Littlefrance. There will be presentations from Doctors and patients including me. Its a great opportunity to see what the doctors have to say and to give them our side too so get yourselves along if you can, its a free event.

To book a place email or phone Margaret on 0131 664 7223

It will start at 1pm (with registration from 12.30pm) and will finish at 5.30pm. This Saturday 5th October.

List of some speakers

1. Professor Mark Strachan

"A general introduction to the thyroid gland and all the things that can go wrong with it"

2. Ms Catherine Shearing

" The blood tests and what they mean"

3. Dr Fraser Gibb

" Treatments for thyroid disorders including T4 alone, combined T4/T3 and Armour Thyroid"

4. Dr Eleanor Halloran

" Thyroid disorders and psychological problems"

5. Dr Nicola Zammitt

" Graves and Thyroid Eye Disease"

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Thanks for posting


I know I am in danger of repeating myself but my impression is that all the above speakers will tow the RCP line as are BTF

They are keeping many people sick


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who would want to go to a meeting run by these dinosaurs (the british thyroid foundation) oh and its safe to say that I personally will not be joining the antiquated British Thyroid foundation who has an atiquated president ( Graham Williams) who clearly does not listen to patients who suffer with the only treatment they favour ( I wonder who is lining whose pockets).


I was asked to give a presentation and I spoke all about my experiences on T4 compared to T3+T4. If you disagree with the BTF all the more reason to get involved otherwise nothing will change.


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