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Information for doctors - particularly about natural dessicated thyroid

I'm sure I've seen reference on this site before to 'information for doctors' . After many attempts to try to engage GP's at my sugery to discuss thyroid treatment I have finally found one who was not only interested, but open to learning more, including the possibility of prescribing NDT.

Was I correct? Is there a link to information for doctors, or does one have to pull together their own material?

It would be good to have a 'starter for 10' at least


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Hello Jacs, You might want to go to the Thyroid UK site to gather the information and specifically this for example

and perhaps this information about NDT

Jane x


p.s. and also this page - also from the main Thyroid UK site.

Jane x


Dosing-wise, you will probably need to start on 1/4 - 1/2 a grain twice a day. If you are sensitive to medications, start with the 1/4 and if you have no side-effects after a few days increase to 1/2 grain twice a day. After that you will need to increase your daily total dose by 1/2 grain every 1-2 weeks to start with (1/4 grain if you are sensitive to increases) until you get to around 2 - 2.5 grains total per day, at which point you will need to slow your increases down to 4 - 6 weeks.

Everyone is different so need to increase by different amounts and at different rates. You may only need 1 - 2 grains or you may need to go all the way to 5 grains. There is no real way of predicting. You need to go by symptoms with a T3 test to make sure you are not getting too much. TSH will be useless because the T3 in NDT will artificially suppress your TSH.

The best way I have found to monitor the correct dose of NDT is to take my body temperature and pulse. My temperature now is nearly normal and my pulse has increased to "more than just barely alive" :D I think I am nearly at the right dose.

I hope it goes well

Carolyn x


Here is a link to info for doctors on the STTM website. Sometimes their tone comes across a bit agressively though, so you may need to edit:



Thanks so much to all of you for responding. It's very much appreciated.

Hopefully it will be a good starting point in helping to educate my GP!



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