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Results reading

Im another person who cant make head nor tail of their results. Ive been on Levo 75mg for the last 12 months and was given a follow up test with the following results. My Doctor says to wait for symptons before adjusting it. I already have started getting symptons but she still wants to wait. I had a X77Wg test. The Serum TSH level (XaELV) was 1.16mlU/L (0.34-5.6). The Serum free T4 level (XaERr) was 13.30 pmol?L (7.5-21.1) Biochemically Euthyroid results. What does this mean? Last time they waited until I cracked my head open and was hospitalised before giving me Levo. I dont want this to happen again and want to know what these tests mean.

Additionally, could I take a supplement (selenium maybe?) while my Doctor is procrastinating ? Advice please.

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Hi Lab comment means borderline! T4 too low, needs to be in top third of range on treatment. Vital you have a free T3 test, as that may be too low. When the T4 is right, if FT3 still too low, needs to be near the top of range,never over, then some T3 on a script in addition to the T4, may be then no need to increase the T4. Often the body does not convert the T4 to enough Free T3, which is the reason.Often symptoms of hypo same as hyper, so bloods vital, frequently until stable, then ideally 6 monthly.

Best wishes,



This is brilliant. Thank you for looking at this - I find it all so confusing - there ought to be a simple explanation somewhere of what it all means! Glad you understand it. I will go back to my Doctor as my symptons are definitely getting worse and now that you have deciphered it I realise why I feel so bad.

Thank you.


If you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org for a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr Toft who recommends that the TSH be below 1. Send a copy to your GP highlighting question 6 before your next appointment.

Also he does mention some T3 being added if necessary.



Thanks so much for this. Ive just emailed louise and will do as you suggest. Thanks for coming back to me so quickly.


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