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Hi all I am on Levo. If I am making Rt3 and blocking whatever T3 I am producing what would the blood test for T3 be like?

After 2 visits to Rheumatologist, I am now on hydroxychloroquine. ( Plaquenil). This drug is really just a trial as the Dr doesn't know why I have so much pain. (So far no change in my symptoms)

I still think it's my thyroid not converting to T3. My blood test shows T3 very low in the range. My TSH is very low so that's ok. T4 is mid range.

I wonder if I am producing RT3which is blocking T3.

My question is, if that was the case, what would my T3 blood test result be?

Would it be low? Wondering if I should try and press my Dr to put me just on T3

Sorry if this doesn't read right I have brain fog.

Thank you

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I don't think it's necessarily rT3 causing your problems - it could just be that your fT3 is way too low. I do think you need to try some T3. If your gp won't prescribe it then you could ask to be referred to an endo (check that the endo is open to T3 first). Xx


Thank you Clarebear I will ask my Dr when I see her next week.



I may be wrong but I dont think your T3 reading will be affected as RT3 is made from T4. Its the ratio of T3/RT3 that is important.




Thanks for this Roslin.

It's brilliant. I will print it out and take to my Dr's Monday.


Not at all sure that TSH being "very low" is OK.

If the TSH level is inappropriately low that IS a problem. It means that your thyroid isn't even being told to produce enough thyroid hormone. Which could indicate a hypopituitary condition - which causes secondary hypothyroidism.

I have not gone every detail that you have posted but a quick glance through did not find any numbers.



Thank you for replying helvella. My TSH was 1.0 (0.55-4.78) T4 was16 (9.0-23.0) fT3 was 4.0 (3.5-6.5) It's just that I 'm getting all hypothyroid symptoms . What is secondary hypo?


I was like you but no pain at all. I did not improve until I went on to pure T3. It depends on your body chemistry and nobody truly understands what is happening. Each of us is different and reacts differently. It is a case of take it very slowly and change one thing at a time. It takes time for the body to adjust each time you change the dose, so you don't learn anything if you move too quick. I would adjust and then take two months to get a clear idea of improvement, no change of worse. Make notes you can go back to. Colds, flue or any illness messes it up! Read Paul Robinson's book 'Recovering on T3'. Hope this helps.


Thank you for your advice T3sortedme. I will look into this book.. I haven't heard of it before.


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