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Do Nutri-Meds Porcine Metavive 1 actually contain any active T4 and/or T3?

I have purchased 180mg of Prorcine Metavive which says it has the equivalent of 65mg natural thyroid in it. On the ingredients though it doesn't actually show anything for T4 or T3. I have seen a couple of posts on other forums that anything in the US that is bought over the counter, i.e. not by prescription then it won't contain any T4 or T3. I bought this online so I guess effectively over the counter :-/

Can anybody clear this up? Is there any point in taking these tablets? Does anybody take these tablets and have they helped in anyway?

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Have a look here:

It is extraordinarily difficult to know the answer except in a few specific cases.

If I have understood right, it would be illegal to sell a product containing T4 or T3 in the UK without it being licensed. That would be regardless of whether it is OTC, "pharmacy", prescription or any form of supplement (with the exception of pharmacies supplying on so-called "named patient" basis on prescription).


Each serving of 1 capsule contains:

Porcine Desiccated Thyroid Gland (65mg); Vitamin C as Sodium & zinc L-ascorbate (60mg, 75% RDA); L-Tyrosine; Porcine Liver; Porcine Lung; Porcine Kidney; Porcine Pancreas; Porcine Spleen; Porcine Bone; Porcine Thymus; Porcine Heart; Pantothenic acid as Calcium D-pantothenate (6mg, 100% RDA); Porcine Lymph Node; Porcine Stomach; Porcine Duodenum; Zinc as Zinc-L-ascorbate (2.5mg, 25%RDA); Vitamin B2 as Riboflavin (1.4mg, 100% RDA); Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine hydrochloride (0.7mg, 50% RDA); Iodine as Potassium iodide (38ug, 25% RDA); Selenium as L-selenomethionine (14ug, 25% RDA); Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin (2.5ug, 100% RDA); Gelatin capsule.

Its all the bits of pig they put in sausage but without the normal sausage additives, with some added vitamins and minerals. Its a complimentary therapy only, and it has no T3 or T4 in it. Youd probably actually be better eating good quality sausages with a high pork % with a multi vitamin tablet.

I haven't come across this product before. I get my thyroid S from Thailand via eBay. Used to be able to get it through Amazon, but they stopped selling it (probably for the reason Helvella gives). Thyroid S may only be minced pig too: who knows. But so far so good.

Forgive me if you've mentioned this elsewhere (this site now mimics someone with no memory!) but are you (as they say) under the doctor for thyroid malfunction? If yes, be careful with this and monitor how you feel. Remember that whatever you take (or have taken) will take a while to work through your system.

I used to take the old Nutri-meds formula (before they started adding spleen etc to it - it was just porcine or bovine thyroid). Then Nutri-meds stopped selling it in the EU and produced this new version. I'm pretty sure (anecdotally) that the old version contained active hormone as it was as effective for me as Thiroyd. I didn't try the new version as it contains iodine and various other things I didn't want. You might still be able to get the US version from, but NDT is cheaper (although it has more fillers).

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There r other raw thyroid glandulars for sale on with vg customer feedback(but i dont think i will try it as i read that with hashimotos it mite be 'fanning the flames'.I needed to ask;can anyone PM me of a reputable website to buy ndt?i am v ill with hypo/hashis(for many yrs) but docs refuse med me(same old,same old)..

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