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blood results

been to the gp. wants to increase my thyroxine. she reduced it from 100mcg to 75 mcg because of the severe symptoms I had and now wants to increase it however is referring me to the endocrinologists. can anybody please give me some advice. she basically told me her hands were tied and wasnt convinced it was the levothyroxine causing all these problems and no matter what she said to me I had made up my mind that it was the thyroxine making me ill. she asked me to give her respect in trying to treat me. I have to return in 6 weeks for more blood tests.

TSH = 6.7



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Your TSH is too high and your T3 is way too low. Have you had your iron, ferritin, folate, B12 and Vit D levels tested?

What severe symptoms were you having and have they improved with reducing the thyroxine?


I have chest pain,decreased urine,chronic fatigue,feeling cold,high blood pressure,irritability,nausea,fybromyalgia,limp,constant headaches,crying, feeling suicidal,depression,weight gain to mention a few.I dont know if these other things are routinely tested and if I want the results I have to order them and pay for it. and yes they slightly improved on the reduction of levothyroxine thanks for replying rosetreesxxx


With a high T4 and a low T3 it may be that you aren't converting very well and the endo will give you some T3. If your doctor doesn't do the other tests perhaps you can ask the endo to do them, mine did. All of those other tests, if low, can affect the proper up-take of your thyroid meds, which doctors seem blissfully unaware of.


if your gp states on the blood test form ' tests requested by consultant ' the lab HAS TO CARRY THEM OUT if they do not your gp has to contact them and formally request them to be done ----- I have had a lengthy tele-call with my gp today and he has confirmed the protocol for this to be done , as on last weeks blood tests t3 & t4 were not carried out ------ they damn well will be now ==== he will be getting the full results within 12 hours of speaking with them .......LoL alan


i am really pleased for you allan. good luck and love and prayers xxx


just INSIST on this protocol for yourself .....returned thoughts to you ....alan


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