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Any patients of Dr S out there who did not originally have Hypo diagnosis but something else. eg M.E/CFS

Hi - i have heard a lot of success stories on various boards,and here of people being treated by Dr S. I am now a patient of his and hoping to recover.

However it seems to me that most of his patients that do well allready had a DX of thyroid disorder and bllodds that were out of range.

Are there any people out there, like me who have been very ill with M.E for a number of years and seen him.

Reply by Private message if preferred - interested to see what people who are in this position have experienced.


Justy x

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I'm sorry, I don't have an answer, I am commenting to move the thread to latest activity...




You might find this article of interest which I found last year when looking for success stories. You just have to ignore the comments by Professor Weetman!

I booked to see Dr S last year as I was diagnosed with ME and told there was nothing wrong with my thyroid but unfortunately never made it to see him as was too unwell to travel. I have since seen Dr P who is treating me for hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency.

I'm sure Dr S will help you regain your health.

Good luck


Ill pm you x


Like Pinklily, I see Dr P. I've had "ME" for 37 years. Bah humbug, but imho there is no such thing. It's endocrine system problems. I'm sure that either will be able to start helping you. I'd recommend Dr P's book, "your thyroid and how to keep it healthy", along with Janee Bowthorpe's book "Stop the thyroid madness".

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This is how Dr S (virologist) became involved in hypo/me/cfs.


Thanks for all the replies. I have seen Dr S twice, thanks for all the links. I havent had much improvement from treatment yet and had noticed that many of his patients who had recovered where already diagnosed Hypo. He has dieagnosed me Hypo and put me on Armour thyroid, but i am having problems with it and as usual for me it is never straight forward or simple.

Am learning a lot from here though and getting useful answers to my many questions.

Take care, all

Justy x


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