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Have you heard of the Medical Medium? It's worth a look....


I thought I would check whether anyone had posted about MM before and yes they had but some received some very negative responses.

They did ask whether the negative posters had researched the protocol, read his website/books or even tried one of the supplements he recommends; it's a fair question.

Can I just say that I am not trying to put the cat amongst the pigeons and want no unpleasantness on this thread please; surely there is room for everyone's views and experiences?

What decided me to post again on this subject is because I just been discussing what people are using to treat their adrenal problems and someone mentioned that they have success with taking Holy Basil for high cortisol problems. They kindly put the link; I had a read and the supplements (or adaptogens) that were recommended in the article are in the main, the same as MM recommends.

Some of the simple suggestions are for a juice made of celery every morning; that's hardly going to break the bank is it?

I can say that the supps/adaptogens he recommends do work; just not on all of the people all of the time.

My husband has an embarrassing bladder problem (good job he doesn't read what I write on here!) where he needs to go urgently like right now; this can be a real problem when we are out and about.

He took some of the supps/adaptogens recommended and he has had around a 50% improvement; that is categoric - it can't be anything else because nothing else changed in his diet.

I know of someone else who is hypo; she used to swear by NAX for treating her adrenals. She has now stopped taking the NAX because she feels her adrenals have improved so much that she can. Please note however, she did adopt a great deal of his protocol on diet and bought many of the supps he recommends (and some of them are very expensive but not all by any means).

She also used to get an urinary infection almost once a month; she had to take anti-biotics for fear of it worsening but did so very reluctantly. She specifically looked up what MM recommends for UI, took them and has never had one again.

Anyone interested in finding out more could go straight to his website but I would also recommend reading the reviews on Amazon (UK and USA) for his books; they are, in the main, impressive and intriguing.

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This is the link I refer to:


MM's website is MedicalMedium.com

I understand you don't want any unpleasantness, and I'm not trying to be unpleasant. But, with a name like The Medical Medium, how can any rational being take him seriously? It sound like some sort of fairground side-show. Mediums talk to spirits. Are we supposed to believe that the spirits diagnose people?

I'm not saying his treatments are anything but normal treatments that you can find recommended all over the net. We all know that Holy Basil lowers cortisol. Anyone can read that and put it on their website. That doesn't make him some sort of mystical genius. But, I do think it makes him a fraud. He could even have picked up all he knows on here! And I'm really not being nasty when I say that I think he preys on the gullible. Sorry.

Hi greygoose

I appreciate that you answered that honestly and that is fine by me because you weren't rude to me for daring to mention him.

I didn't know that Holy Basil lowers cortisol; I've just been told today!

It is a leap of faith to take on board his story and yes, he maintains that he gets all his information from spirit - I can sense you laughing uproariously now! (That's okay it's good to laugh)

For the other people who haven't 'looked all over the net'; you don't have to believe any of his story; you can still read what he is saying about certain conditions and maybe try the celery juice (it's apparently great for your digestive system and couldn't be more cheap to buy) or buy one of the supps he recommends.

I think you are being harsh calling him a fraud though: there are thousands of people who have been lucky enough to have a session with him and the advice he has given them has cured them; one woman had serious dementia symptoms. I've never read anywhere else of someone being cured fully of dementia.

I respect your being the first person to respond and respect the right for you to have an opinion on him; I just hope it doesn't stop other people from researching his protocol and perhaps reaping some benefit.

I'm very new here but I think one of this sites greatest assets; is passing on information that we have gleaned.

No, I'm not laughing. I don't find the idea of talking to spirits rediculous. But, that the spirits will help him diagnose people is a step too far, for me. And I call him a fraud because of that. And for making money out of sick people. It's perfectly possible that he has extensive medical knowledge, you don't have to go to med school for that, you just have to be able to read. It's this business about the spirits that just doesn't... Most mediums are frauds. They are students of human nature and know how to read people. The see the signs and understand them. They give people what they want and what they need. But, spirits? I doubt it.

He maintains that the spirit actually tells him what the exact cause of the illnesses are and how to cure them BUT I think we are getting too wrapped up in how he gets his information.

I've already stated that you don't have to believe where and how he gets the information; just be open to perhaps trying to follow it.

I do take your point about 'making money out of sick people' but how else is he going to make a living? All the private doctors on here that people consult usually charge an arm and a leg for consultations but no-one begrudges how they pay their mortgages.

Oh, I think most people begrudge the money they pay to consultants! lol

But, I just don't think he has anything new to offer, that's all.

Actually I am going to give you that (about the outrageous charges of private doctors) and concur; I'm so pleased we can agree on something....

Who knows whether he is honest or not? Edgar Cayce was supposed to be some sort of medium but also produced some useful health protocols (not thyroid related). However, I think there are better resources out there on the web that you don't need to pay for. As for dementia. I've heard of several mentions of dementia being reversed through ketogenic diet (and my Dad was supposed to have dementia when he actually had PA and would probably have recovered if he'd been given B12 injections soon enough). As for spirits - I have a load of Abraham Hicks CDs ... And I paid for reiki sessions for my cat.

Hi Angel of the North

I did make clear in my response to greygoose; that it doesn't matter whether you believe his back story - it's irrelevant.

I'm not trying to persuade anyone to take on board anything - I'm not bothered what other people choose to believe! really! - my purpose was simply to possibly point someone else in a direction they might not otherwise have gone.

I don't have the energy to 'look all over the net' so finding so much new information in one place was great for me, my grateful husband and the other person I mentioned; who has had extremely positive results.

You don't have to pay for any of Anthony's books if you don't wish to; he has given most of his information away free for years on his website and in recorded interviews in which you can listen to him discussing specific illnesses and what supps/adaptogens that might help.

I'm done now on this subject. I'm not Anthony's manger nor agent and I'm not on a cut for book sales . I was just trying to help by passing on some information that we have had significant success with...

Im a great believer in the spirit world and have seen many mediums on stage and on a one to one basis but joe bloggs speaking to spirits about celery etc-no i do not think so!!😆

Hello Rmichelle

I've seen mediums on stage too and they give some very mundane messages indeed to loved ones left behind; where recently deceased Auntie Bertha's new set of teeth can be found so someone else can get some use out of them and what your Grandad did with his old underpants!

So why shouldn't a spirit talk about celery if it might actually help us if we drink it in the morning? I don't think it's very different at all.

It's easy to mock but have you tried it? Have you read the FB page where scores of people who have tried it; have had some huge successes?

Some people have managed to give up digestive drugs and over the counter remedies that they have taken for donkey's years because of the improvements they have had with their digestive systems. He's been accused of making money out of sick people but buying some celery and testing whether you might have some improvement; is going to cost pennies in the scheme of things.

I have not experienced any mediums that say twaddle and have some very accurate one to one sessions with 2 well known mediums. Sorry i will not be eating the celery has it plays hell with my bladder-i cant have it!! Have a good evening.🌟🌟

Instead of celery, try sauerkraut juice - it's a great digestive and much nicer than it sounds. I find celery far too salty tasting (even though I have low cortisol and like actual salt). But it is good stuff: care2.com/greenliving/11-su...

Thankyou angel did read the link you sent it was very informative and even picked up a very quick recipe i can make for my daughter.... banana and cocoa icecream. 😊😊

Wow Tia - well all I can say is good for you!

I'm really pleased to hear that his protocol has worked so well for you. I hope that if any members were put off by the naysayers and doubters (who were in the majority on this thread and others about MM); they read what you have said and maybe, give it a try.

Well done you for having the courage to step outside of the box!

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