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where can I find testimonials of people who have HAD M.E/ hypothyroid, but now been cured following treatment through Dr. Myhill please?

where can I find (read) testimonials of people who have HAD M.E, but now have been cured following treatment through Dr. Myhill please? I’ve seen that there are testimonials on her support website but don’t have the energy hours available to sift thro’ and find those who are well or at least (85% ? well) now post M.E. cfs? Thank you.

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I don't think you can ever be fully cured of these problems, but they can be managed with diet and medication. It's down to life style change, cutting out things like Gluten, so you can relieve alot of the symptoms, but it will never fully go away, and if you change back to eatting normaly the problems will come back.


why don't you join the 'facebook group' called 'support Dr Sarah Myhill' and post a question there asking people who have been 'cured' by her how long did it take and 'how was it'?? there will be people who will respond with their story I am sure :)


Thank you, have done this, hopefully will get some encouraging replies!



Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate that.

I have read many recovery stories in Alexandra Barton’s ‘Recovery Stories’ 50 stories re: recovery from M.E. I have heard other stories of people who have got their lives back. I don’t care if I have to stay on treatment all my life, and continue to eat really healthily, as I do now... as long as I can LIVE! – get out, see friends, go to work, look after myself at home etc. again.



I was diagnosed with CFS/ME three times, twice by endos and once by my GP in 2009/10. I was completely exhausted, sleeping badly, losing hair, gaining weight and in a lot of pain, all over my body. I was on the point of admitting defeat and giving up work. I did not think I would be able to go anywhere or do anything again.

What I actually had very low ferritin and vitamin D, less than optimal Vitamin B12, slightly raised TSH and low in range FT4 and FT3. Now I’ve fixed all of these, I am, I would say, at least 80% well. I’m still working full-time and now have an active social life again.

It might be worth going through your test results with a tooth comb.



Thank you AN, thats really encouraging. How / where did you get tested? What treatment did you take? Were you in the apparently 'normal' range re: thyroid results (i.e. what NHS/ PPA (?) call normal? Sorry so many questions. Really glad to hear you are doing so well. Thanks again,



I've now managed to get a referal to an endo! Now need to prepare myself for that... any info./advice would be really grateful for... esp. if audio or video etc. as reading diff.

Thank Yous


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