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Does any1 else feel cold and hot at the same time

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I hav been told I hav got a under active thyroid April just gone and am taking 50mg a day but am still feeling really cold some days so I sit in front off the fire with loads of clothes on but then sometimes I start sweating and hav 2 move but i still feel cold does any1 know why this is xx

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I don't know hwy but I feel hot one minute so take my sweater off and then im cold so it goes back on again.

I'm hypothyroid & never seem 2 feel cold like I'm told I should! If I do any activity, maybe just walking up stairs, my face just drips with sweat! Only my face! Can't bear heating on! Anyone else like this or know why it happens? Feel quite healthy, maybe bit overweight, tired in afternoon, on 125 mcg thyroxine. Thanks! Best wishes! Ruth xxx.

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Are you on any other medication? I used to sweat like that when I was on the antidepressant Sertraline.

Hi It may be thyroid but make sure you have been tested for Diabetes, autoimmune and hormonal, links with thyroid. My diabetes makes me so much colder than any thing else.

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Djringrose in reply to Jackie

Hi thanks for the reply am at my docs again on Tuesday so I will ask them 2 do a test 4 diabetes and c wot they say .

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Jackie in reply to Djringrose

Hi if you are going to try GP for tests, Hb1Ac is best for Diabetes, glucose too if possible. I would be sure to also have ( if GP OK) to get a new tSh, T4 and Free T3 test ( important). Always get a print out from receptionist with the ranges ( vary). Also antibodies for thyroid? B12 and Foliates. need to be high in range, Ferritin/iron well in range,vit D, if low corrected calcium before any treatment with D.. All related ,often to thyroid disease.If NHS a problem, it is here, you can get them on line, yourself but means paying. It is usually just the FT3 that is a problem but so important.The other things ,even if OK, need testing every year with thyroid disease. Not sure if you know, it takes a long while to get thyroid treatment right, frequent re blood done and adjustment in meds


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Thanks everyone! I know I got something autoimmune going on as I got vitiligo on my hands. Docs said can't do anything about it other than spray tan!!! Not taking any other meds. Xxx

Yes I feel very cold but also hot sometimes. Don't know why.

I have hypo and a couple of autoimmune probs, One of which the Dr's can't identify.

So not much help to you but at least you're not on your own.

I have the same problem sometimes. Often in bed I wake roasting hot, but if I stick my feet out it's cold. Then I feel hot and cold at the same time and can't decide whether I want to throw the duvet off or not! It passes, but nobody is interested.

yes, exactly the same. Cardigan on, cardigan off every few minutes. I look like a madwomen. Duvet tucked round me, duvet thrown off me, my poor husband.

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