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Underactive thyroid but feeling hot all the time?

Before I was even diagnosed with Hypothyroidism I was so cold all the time, but now I'm always so hot? Like sweating. my feet and hands do get cold but I've always had cold feet and my mum always says poor circulation😂I'm also on anti depressions ( citalopram ) just wondering if anyone else has this problem? Sorry for the constant posts I feel like this is more informative than my Doctors are at the moment.

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Hi GeorginaWattersT

Might I suggest you post your most recent blood test results re TSH, FT4 etc as, without something to show how your thyroid status is, I doubt anyone will be able to help very much.

Also, when posting any results, be sure to include the reference ranges alongside your result, ie TSH 'result (range - range) measurement' etc. If you don't have these, you should be able to get a copy of your results either from your online access to your surgery's system or pop down and ask reception if they could print them out for you.

This will enable others to be more helpful ;)

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Do you take your temperature? I too have been freezing with a temperature of 35 and am also feeling hot periodically but temp not above 36.4. I suggest you start to record what is actually happening. Knowledge is power.


Could you be perimenopausal, & having hot flushes? I take HRT after being in hell for 6 years, but take it well away from my THs.

Your antidepressants might be reducing the effect of your THs, but that would make you colder. Have you seen your GP or endocronologist?


I am hypothyroid, and although I'm often cold, it's not that simple. Often I'm both hot and cold at the same time, feeling both, or other times a freezing lower back but chest and arms feel boiling. Also if I do any small exertion I will quickly become overheated.

So it's less like I'm always cold, and more like I can't regulate my temperature.


I feel this way too and I'm hypothyroid. I get very hot quickly-especially after eating or while exercising. Sometimes it feels like I'm boiling over like a pot! I don't feel the cold too often although when I do I get shivery quickly then find it difficult to get warm again- particularly hands and feet. I agree it's more like an inability to control temperature, although I've not taken any readings using a thermometer.


Hello GeorginaWatters -

good points have already been made.

The thermostat is damaged - that was my doc's explanation for feeling hot without being overmedicated. Also I had forgotten what it feels like to be warm/hot. Aside from peri- or premenopausal issues estrogen dominance could be involved in the temperature-roundabout as could an overproduction of adrenaline i. e. overburdened adrenals.

And please don't feel awkward about asking more questions - even if an answer isn't helpful to you it might contain just the right snippet of information for another member!


If you have Hashimoto's apparently you can experience hypo and hyper symptoms. I have an underactive thyroid with Hashimoto's and usually I feel cold but for some reason every night my feet are too hot. I have problems sleeping because of this despite using a fan throughout the winter!


Hello Georgina ! I started to get boiling hot many years ago whenmercury was going into my bloodstream, this was because it had been leaching slowly into my body over many years because I had amalgam fillings put into my mouth as a child , On top of that I had eaten my fair share of sugar/sweet things and had had antibiotics for many years . This all contributed to a leaky gut which apparantley is one of the root causes of thyroid burdening ! As toxins leach into your bloodstream and the immune system has to act to try and destroy the invaders , lots of things can happen, especially if toxins are there for a long time. In my case my Immune system started overworking and became overactive causing a lot of inflammatory reactions in my body . This was creating an atmosphere inside my body to create an auto-immune condition that in turn attacked the thyroid gland . I still get hot, but not as bad as a few years ago when I had more toxicity in my body ! I get hot because of the hormones that are still not quite balnced yet, my thyroid hormones and sex hormones ! Itoo have had poor circulation and getting hormones more balanced helps with this. Also getting more circulation in the brain helps with deppression .

Luv from CJ183



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