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Anyone with autoimmune thyroid problems tried the Low FOD Map diet? Effective?

Hi have been diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis, then thyrotoxicosis, probably Graves. On carbrimazole but opted for up and down titration depending on bloody results. So far, so good. Given up caffeine, cut down on dairy dramatically and sugar as much as possible (struggle to give up lovely wine but being pretty good!) Now trying FOD map in terms of gut healing and reducing immune reaction, has this helped anyone....?

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Info from Wiki for anyone who is interested...




Yes, and it is effective although it's hard to stick to as so much is on the 'avoid' list. I struggle without wheat. Love bread! And fruit is fairly restricted.


Thanks have only just got book and some of the recipes look great then I saw so much has to be avoided, for me bread now no problem but onions and garlic, love them!!!!!!!!!!Still anything worth trying in order to settle down immune reaction.......and avoid more drugs, RI or surgery! x


I used to eat onion every day but I don't even miss it now.


brilliant, it was after a glut of onions on the communal allotment (sound like hippie!) made French Onion soup and onion tarte and felt ill............ stomach really bad, could hear it around block and someone mentioned Fod map and it makes sense....!


Where did you hear that eliminating FODMAPs will help with gut healing?

My understanding is that it usually helps people who have an overgrowth of bacteria that feed on fermentable carbs, which causes gas, bloating and diarrhea.

If you don't have these particular problems, then it's less clear to me that this is "gut healing". Our gut bacteria play an important part in our immune function, do we really want to starve them out (which is what this diet does)? Starving them out is likely to impact both bad and good bacteria equally.

Things like aloe vera that are often said to be "gut healing" are actually FODMAPs. I think they work by feeding the bacteria in the colon that create fatty acids that in turn nourish the colon wall.

Cutting out wheat/gluten really helped me, but that's a different story. I reckon that my reaction to wheat is not about its pre-biotic effect, but because wheat actually causes gut damage/inflammation.

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Thanks that's interesting, I don't want to starve good bacteria - I take probiotics but do react strongly to some of the food that is in FOD map, so thought I'd try the Fodmap light version (cutting back rather than eliminating) I take aloe vera and don't eat wheat just want to see if good gut health can play a part in lowering autoimmune reaction and calm down antibodies... but may be barking up the wrong tree completely!


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