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Has anyone tried a low-nickel diet for itchy skin problems (dermatitis, eczema, urticaria)?

This is only tangentially related to thyroid problems but I know urticaria and other skin problems are mentioned here a lot so I thought I'd ask if anyone has tried a low nickel diet for itchy skin eruptions.

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Have u had a test for nickle sensitivity?

All these changes in diet only lead to one thing you not eating enough.

Uric acid is caused by the liver not processing purines.

It also related to other orgains.

If your not tolleratarant for alcohol

It's more like your livers not working.

Get your liver checked out.

Diabetes that's also linked.



Hi Carol.

It's not me, it's my partner. He hasn't been checked for nickel sensitivity but we know he has it (the usual stuff, watch band irritation etc).

The low nickel diet doesn't appear to be very restrictive and you only have to try it for 1-3 months to see a result (or lack thereof) so I don't think there will be an issue getting enough food. It's more a matter of swapping oats for rice or corn, reducing wholemeal wheat products etc. The only concern is that it might entail increasing his intake of dairy, which he cut out years ago and which resulted in a huge improvement in some areas of eczema. Now it's just on his hands, which are a mess and don't seem to respond to anything.

Not sure what you mean about the alcohol connection - ? Or the uric acid - ?

He had a full private health check about five years ago and all was well. He has no other significant health problems.

Because I have so often seen skin issues mentioned here - urticaria particularly - I thought maybe someone here would have tried it. He has had these problems for years and specifically has the symptoms of nickel allergy and the only thing the gp will do is give him steroids.


Anyone? :-)


My private Dr said once that Nickel sensitivity is very common. In addition to jewellery, it is in stainless steel saucepans. If you look underneath the saucepan it shows the amount in a coded form (from memory also chromium). There are alternative saucepans around with ceramic insides or Pyrex. I think one make is called Greenpan or similar. You can also get frying pans and baking trays with ceramic inside now. Also you need to consider your kettle!!!

Apparently fatigue is another symptom of nickel sensitivity. I have a friend diagnosed with this and is feeling much better avoiding nickel. It all sounds weird and crazy but it is a metal as is mercury, which is more commonly known about.

I hope this helps. Let us know what happens please.



The main elements in addition to iron are nickel and chromium (and carbon) - and various formulations might include manganese, molybdenum, aluminium or titanium, and possibly others!



Hi Mary. I knew there would be someone here who would know more about it!

I knew about the saucepans but I didn't know about the code. How interesting. We have enamelled metal pans and I often use an iron pan, so I must check if either of these has nickel. The Pyrex we have will be fine.

I don't know if I will succeed in getting him to try any of this, so it is all as yet theoretical. He has such terrible dermatitis on his hands - his skin splits open like chilblains - unlike the other areas he had on his torso, arms and legs, which all but went when he gave up dairy and coffee. I can't help but think that the hands are affected by something different. Apparently it is a textbook nickel allergy symptom.

He has very good levels of energy (unlike me) but it will be interesting to see if this improves even further. I will definitely let you know if it takes off.


The code is something like 18/8 (18% chromium, 8% nickel) and applies only to stainless steels. :-)



Apparently cutlery is also off limits.


Thanks Rod, I've changed post to chromium - brain fog again!


I was saying liver is under strain when your ill.

Alcohol is least tolerated.

Uric acid might also be increased through various adrenal

path ways and alcohol is not digested.



Hi Carol. Thanks for your comments but would you mind clarifying for me? Are you saying you think the eczema is related to liver problems? As far as I'm aware he had a full liver function test and blood sugar testing and nothing showed up. He does not seem to have a problem tolerating alcohol, nor does he show any adrenal symptoms or really any kind of illness. But maybe I'm getting the wrong end of the stick - ? Correct me if I've got it the wrong way 'round.



There's another panel for the liver they don't seem to do. One of them is AST and something else can't remember.

It's level is not always proportional to the liver, kidney or other inflammation. You might have a low level and the liver still be more inflamed than the test might say or a high level and the liver not badly inflamed.

Other infections like Lyme Disease suppress the immune system. So docs only looking at the blood and not the patient don't see everything.

My legs have been inflamed for a long time yet my CRP has been normal or slightly raised.

And doctors have just dismissed this. It was not till my uric acid was taken it showed something. It does not seem to be a standard test.

There are variables the younger you are the less likely things like uric acid show even though there are symptoms. There must be a spare capacity in the system. It's not until sufficient damage is done.

If alcohol is effecting him there is a problem. No matter what the test might say. Its only ever a spot test. They are about 25% accurate, x-ray's MRI are about 80% nothing is a 100%.

Doctors are too busy to look at patients. The blood test was supposed to speed things up.

That's why there is so much contrivance in the NHS about Thyroid tests. The doc used to give you a trial run of the hormone. And is now less likely to especially when they don't do all the thyroid tests.

If T4 does not show up as being a problem they will not do anything.

I had Idiopathic low T3 syndrome.

With high Prolactin in my 20's. Then I got a rebound reaction.

The doc took me off it.

So many things link to migraine effects. You get an initial attack

then smaller attacks till it fades out and then the next big one.

Vitiamin k deficiency might be a go one to look at for any allergy or intolerance. Natural is best rather than tablet.

Increased food and smells in the home. So then other foods can build not keep removing.



Thanks for your reply Carol. This is very complex and to be honest it doesn't ring any bells re my partner's hands so he will probably try the low nickel diet first but I will keep your theories in mind if that doesn't work.


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