hi any vegetarian people here with under active thyroid?

im just wondering what kind of diet you follow to help improve your symptons. ive looked at the alternative meds and they are animal based so not really sure on that but are you following a low carb low gi diet? what minerals and vitamins do you take to ensure health etc.

im a vegetarian lady with pcos and now hypothyroidism and need to lose weight so any advice would be amazing.

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  • Dont know about the losing weight bit but I have found that being a veggie for 20+ years seems to have left me very low in iron as absorbing iron from vegtables is a very hard thing for the gut to do. I would get your ferritin levels checked if I were you and I wouldn't be supplementing anything until they have been checked. B12 is another one to watch out for but again get tested first. Taking supplements before getting tested only confuses the issues and can do more harm than good.

    The main vitamins that thyroid sufferers seems to be low in are ferritin, iron, B12, VitD and folates and if any of these are low then your body will be unable to use your levo to its full potential, and keeping your levo, at least, two hours away from any food and drink (except water) is a must.

    Hope this helps.

    Moggie x

  • Yes, almost vegan, but don't really need to lose weight. I supplement B12 and cook with cast iron pans (although I don't eat much cooked food). GP won't test ferritin, so no idea what it is. Shouldn't be low in folates as that's one thing veggies get in abundance. Don't eat any processed grains either, and am gluten-free.

  • Gluten free is a No.1 dietary course of action to consider.No need to be Celiac to benefit.

    B12 is likely to be on the low side by default- and is generally safe to take [Methylcolbamin] for a >500 serum level.

    Note: Moggies' caution on testing first.

    Getting the Hypo treated well will hopefully help with the weight, too.{Metabolism lifted]

  • Useful article here:


  • Whats all this fuss about vegetarians and B12? I am a life long vegetarian(60 years.) my B12 is 600-700. Never had a problem with it. Glutin is a problem for me though.I have a low carb diet. See if you can get iron and B12 checked Perhaps a good all round vegetarian multi vitamin would be a good start. Have you had your thyroid bloods done recently,people on hear are good at interpreting those and then you can find out if your meds are right.x

  • More an issue for vegans, but can be an issue for veges if they don't eat that many dairy products. If eating dairy then should be fine, as you say. But malabsorption issues more common in thyroid sufferers, so always worth mentioning. H x

  • Hello,

    I am vegetarian and also have an underactive thyroid & adrenal Issues.

    The supplements I am taking are flaxseed oil (vegan rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9) Buffered Vitamin C (gentle on the stomach), a multi mineral suppliement which contains Selenium & Iodine, Vitamin B Complex with extra Panthotic Acid, Iron, Vitamin D, & Co Enemzye Q10 - All of which are either Vegetarian or Vegan

    Best wishes

  • Hi thanks for reply I take a breastfeeding and pregnancy multivitamin which has all that apart from q10 stuff plus I dont take a omega capsule I do have epa but they are fish oil so not veggie friendly and havent taken them for a while. Can you send me details of flaxseed stuff please

  • Hello,

    They are Flaxseed vegicaps oil 1000mg capsules from Lifeplan. I order then through Amazon and they seem very good quality and are a good price.

    Kind regards

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